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Seo Yea-ji Declares A War Against Yoo Sun!


Eve or Eve’s Scandal (이브의 스캔들) is a 2022 South Korean Romantic Melodrama written by Yoon Young-mi and directed by Park Bong-sub. The drama stars Seo Yea-ji, Park Byung-eun, Lee Sang-yeob and Yoo Sun in leading roles. The series will run for 16 episodes. Eve Episode 9 has a runtime of 63 minutes.

– Eve Episode 9 Recap Contains Spoilers –

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In Eve Episode 9, Kang Yoon-gyeom gets into a fight with Ra-el’s husband and threatens him to not go closer to her. Ra-el’s husband thinks that Yoon-gyeom is forcing his wife to be with him and tells her to not worry as he will take care of it. He goes home and takes out all the gifts from Ra-el’s closet to give them back to Yoon-gyeom. Ra-el is happy to see her husband enraged like this and she wants to see him suffer more as she doesn’t have any plan to let fo of Yoon-gyeom.

Eve Episode 9 Seo Yea-ji
Still from Eve Episode 9

Ra-el goes to the Kindergarten for the parents’ meeting but So-ra tells her secretary to not let her inside. Ra-el tries to provoke So-ra by asking her what did she do wrong, in front of all the parents. When Ra-el doesn’t leave the meeting, So-ra goes to her and slaps her. She tells her to meet her after the meeting. After the meeting, So-ra thanks Ra-el for bringing her closer to her husband and also for helping her to become the director of the shopping mall. Yoon-gyeom arrives and takes So-ra with him for a press conference and doesn’t even greet Ra-el.

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Seo Eun-pyeong has been keeping an eye on Yoon-gyeom and he is worried about Ra-el as he sees the husband and wife happy on-screen. He tells Ra-el to be careful but she says that it won’t matter if anything happens to her because no one will care even if she disappears. Hearing Ra-el says such a thing upsets Eun-pyeong and he tells her that even if no one is by her side, he will always be there for her because he loves her. He doesn’t ask her to reply to his confession but he offers his support to her in her revenge.

Eve Episode 9 Seo Yea-ji
Still from Eve Episode 9

Ra-el’s fake mother doesn’t like how Ra-el is moving and has planned to expose her real identity to Yoon-gyeom. Eun-pyeong is in a meeting with the president and Kang Yoon-gyeom and while leaving, he recognizes the man who has been following Yoon-gyeom. He gets suspicious and follows him to see him giving a document to Yoon-gyeom. Eun-pyeong comes on time and stops Kang from opening and later switches the document with another one.

Eve Episode 9 Ending

Ra-el checks the document and finds all of her information and photographs from the past and present in it. The only person who knows this much information is Ms. Jang, her fake mother. Ra-el indirectly threatens her saying that she doesn’t want to become a monster but she can get rid of anyone coming in her way if the situation asks for it. Ra-el’s husband has asked a lawyer to work on his case against Yoon-gyeom but he receives sudden call from So-ra.

So-ra has found evidence of how Ra-el created chaos in school and other mothers are now standing against her. They have decided to suspend her daughter from the school but Ra-el says that it will be So-ra’s daughter who will have to leave the school. So-ra believes that her husband has come back to her but after So-ra leaves Ra-el’s studio, Ra-el calls Yoon-gyeom and they meet again in a hotel.

Eve Episode 9 Review

In Eve Episode 9, Han So-ra is the only character who has some actual depth and layers to her personality. The rest of the characters are walking down a laid path which almost feels artificial. If it wasn’t for the different subplots, the episode would have become boring to watch. The chemistry is off between all the main couples and Ra-el’s revenge plan is wandering with no destination.

Eve Episode 9 is available to watch on Viki.

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