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Actor Adrian Dunbar considering writing script about Easter Rising leader James Connolly


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ACTOR Adrian Dunbar has revealed he is considering writing a script about Easter Rising leader James Connolly.

The Co Fermanagh-born star also said he is “talking” to his fellow Line of Duty co-stars Martin Compston and Vicky McClure about the possibility of them being involved.

Speaking on the Out for Lunch with Jay Rayner podcast, Dunbar also said Irvine Welch, who wrote the 1993 novel Trainspotting of which the film was later made, was also part of the discussions.

However, the 63-year-old actor did not reveal many details about the proposed script.

“I might be putting my toe in the water again regarding a script, I’m talking to Vicky and Martin and Irvine Welsh and a few people about the possibility of writing something about James Connolly, the revolutionary,” he said.

“Irvine fits in because Edinburgh and James Connolly and the fact that he is a very good friend with Jonny Owen, who is a broadcaster and Vicky’s partner.

“Jonny worked with talkSPORT, he’s got a great show on a Sunday morning that we listen to and I’ve been on a few times and Irvine is a good friend of his.”

Dunbar’s discussion about Connolly comes just days after Mick Lynch, head of the union leading the biggest rail strike in Britain in decades, named the Irish republican as his hero.

And the possibility of a return of the police drama Line of Duty, written by Jed Mercurio, was also discussed yesterday during Dunbar’s interview with Rayner.

Amid much speculation that a seventh series of the popular BBC drama, which ended in May 2021, could be on the cards, Dunbar said he believed Mercurio has it in him to continue the story.

“I think there will be something else, and he is a showrunner in the American sense, in that he’s across everything and we only have one writer – it’s him,” he said.

“So that’s quite good.

“You don’t have to do the work on Jed’s scripts when they come in.”

Dunbar, who played Superintendent Ted Hastings in the hit BBC series, also said he felt “lucky” that audiences have embraced his character.

“…I count myself lucky that most of the people I know like the character of Ted Hastings, love the series, so therefore when I am approached by the public, it’s usually with a big smile and, ‘Oh my God it’s you, can we have a photograph and so forth”.

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