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Inflation prompts spike in freelance writing jobs for retired individuals


AUSTIN (KXAN) — Sean McCool says working as a freelance copywriter got him through The Great Recession.

“Started as a full-time freelancer in 2009 right at the height of the financial crisis,” the Lakeway resident said. “I had been in the construction industry, and that took a really hard hit.”

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He still does it today, citing stability — and remote flexibility — as driving factors for his career choice.

“I have no concerns when it comes to this upcoming recession if it happens or doesn’t,” he said.

He received training from the American Writers and Artists Institute (AWAI), a group that’s seeing a spike in interest as inflation strikes again.

“Quite an increase in folks interested in learning copywriting,” said Tina Guerrina, AWAI’s director of guidance. “I’m sensing some nervousness and uneasiness about the marketplace.”

She says the groups most interested right include people seeking side-hustles and individuals who are retired.

“They can’t always get by just on their retirement income,” she said.

According to AARP, 500,000 Texas retirees are completely dependent on Social Security checks; and the average check value is $1,300.

“That $1,300 is really no match in the increases we’re seeing in these core expenses — the gas station, the grocery store and the utility bills,” said Tim Morstad, associate state director for AARP Texas.

He encourages older Texans to reach out to 211 with Texas Health and Human Services to see if they’re eligible for funds to help with things like food or utility bills.

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