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Gen Z: Here Are the 5 Best Jobs You Can Do From Your Phone


The work-from-home revolution has transformed the job market for employers and employees alike — eliminating the need for many companies to spend on office spaces and for employees to commute. Of course, not every job can be done from home, but for the ones that can be, it’s becoming harder and harder to lure candidates with in-office requirements. 

This is especially true for Gen Z professionals, the oldest of whom are 25 and may have never worked from an office before. 

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Beyond the desire to work from home, it’s becoming possible for Gen Zers (and others) to work from literally anywhere — from a laptop or even just a phone.

“Gen Z are very tech-savvy people. They are familiar with how smartphones work and its features that help them go on into their everyday lives. And nowadays, they can use this to find jobs suited for them to earn an income and even pursue a career,” said Julian Goldie, CEO of Goldie Agency.

In fact, a 2022 Microsoft Store report on small-business owners revealed that 64% of Gen Z small-business owners operate at least half of their business on their phones. This compares to just 48% of small-business owners overall.

This begs the question, what work can be accomplished from just a smartphone? GOBankingRates asked experts for the five best jobs that fit this category. Here’s what they said. 

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