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The Best Copy Trading Software Providers 2022


The market is quite saturated with supply as more and more new projects join the industry and offer various automation-related services for crypto enthusiasts. Among dozens of copy trading software providers, there are several that deserve your attention more than others. We selected a few notable options and briefly reviewed each.

If you are looking for excellent copy trading platforms that can improve your earnings, using tools that assist in achieving consistent returns is the key to success.

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Shrimpy — your assistant

The best thing about this service is that it works as an assistant of sorts with its strong focus on administering your digital assets and its unique social copy trading strategy. The app will suggest good trades and showcase what other respectable members of the community are doing. Here are some of the Shrimpy’s advantages:

  • Multiple partnered professionals feeding signals to the community;
  • Easy-to-use yet somewhat limited automation features;
  • Different types of controlling your digital assets.

Verdict: quite good.

Cryptohopper — essential entry on our lise

A famous name in the crypto automation industry, this brand is often associated with innovation and quick growth. With its flexible pricing, interesting bot settings, and quick Plug’n’Play connection method with established exchanges like Binance and Coinbase, this particular service is a great choice for both professionals and novices.

Check out Cryptohopper’s merits:

  • Plans starting at $19 per month with solid basic functionality;
  • Reliable copy trading free of bugs, errors, and other issues;
  • Very good architecture and uptime making it available 100% of the time.

Verdict: one of the best.

Zignaly — a fresh face on the block

It is rare to find something in this industry that comes free of charge. Many social trading features are unlocked to all users although there are elements of trust fund management as you can give some of your funds to other people and share some of their profits. However, such services are subjected to a fee. Most pros take a 20% cut.

What’s good about Zignaly?

  • A solid foundation with lots of free features which is great for novices;
  • Returning to the era of PAMM accounts and true social trading;
  • An easy-to-use interface that takes minutes to get familiar with.

Verdict: limited, but deserves a glance.

WunderTrading — automation at its finest

If we were to choose the best copy trading platform crypto service by WunderTrading would most certainly take the crown as it offers one of the widest selections of versatile script-writing functionality and showcases some of the best performing professionals to copy from. With so many different features and bots, it is puzzling how they managed to create a comprehensive user interface with intuitive navigation.

What to expect?

  1. Outstanding customer support and consultations whenever you need them.
  2. A plethora of great digital instruments including DCA, GRID, and arbitrage trading.
  3. Well-designed layouts of the interface allow for a smooth user experience.

Verdict: one of, if not the, best!

3Commas — an honorable mention

It would be unfair on our part to not include one of the most popular services out there — 3Commas. With its distinct focus on providing a versatile script-building instrument with flexible pricing and in-depth analytical algorithms, this provider stands out yet manages to stay close to mediocrity. We cannot pinpoint any particularly strong focal points of the service, but it does not fail in any of the aspects of its service either.

Advantages of 3Commas:

  • An excellently designed and polished interface that occasionally lacks crucial information;
  • A rich selection of various tools and preset bots for creative traders.
  • Lots of options for analysis and a free plan with severely limited yet serviceable functionality.

Verdict: still, one of the best choices in the market.

Choosing only leaders

While the industry seems quite overcrowded, there is only a handful of truly interesting companies that push the industry forward with constant innovation and excellent service. We do not endorse providers that appear to be lacking in some aspects of their product as we believe that complexity should be complimented with versatility.

Our selection of 5 TOP copy trading software providers puts under the spotlight only those projects that have been tested by thousands of users and proved to be complete, value-generating products that our readers will most likely enjoy.


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