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With writing skills you can start a lucrative copywriting side hustle


Taking the time to learn how to write effective copy can open up a world of doors and opportunities

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The average copywriter in Canada makes just over $50,000 per year, which is a pretty solid income. It’s especially solid if it’s supplementary. While some people write copy full time, others find that they can get those rates and finish their work at night and on weekends on top of another full-time salaried job. If you’re really savvy, you can even get your copywriting done while at the office waiting for emails and meetings.

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Copywriting is valuable because it’s one of the main forms of content that generate traffic across the internet. That means that modern copywriters who are successful know how to do more than just write a sentence and describe a product. Today’s world of copywriting thrives on understanding strategic ways to shape a piece of writing.

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By preparing yourself to write copy and deliver it in an organized and professional fashion, you can become eligible and qualified for many work opportunities. Some baseline skills that help copywriters everywhere include knowing how to publish on WordPress, properly schedule and meet deadlines and deliver stories within specific templates that work for a given brand or client.

On top of these more functional tools, it’s also worth noting that successful copywriters need to be fantastic copyeditors. If it all sounds like a lot to keep track of on an individual level, there are tools to help.

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