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DoMyEssay Expert Tutor John W Shares Effective Holiday Stress Management Tips


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Students face a lot of stress at school due to heavy workload, upcoming tests, lack of free time, academic challenges, insufficient sleep, and too much homework. The feeling of being overwhelmed causes most students to stress, and they are often encouraged to seek help if they can.

For instance, if they have many assignments to handle and exams to study for, they can seek the support of professional paper writing services and pay someone to write my essay to complete their projects as they study for upcoming tests.

While stress is normal, it can affect your health, cause burnout, and leave you feeling overwhelmed and even depressed if left unmanaged. Holidays and time away from school offer a breath of fresh air, but not always.

Holidays can be as stressful as school days. Stress during holidays can be caused by work, tension over grades, family issues, and missed expectations. This is the best time you have to unwind from your busy school schedule, and you should ensure you use it to relax and decompress.

Why Is Stress Management Important?

Just as you find solutions to academic pressure like writing services EssayHub and their expert paper writers to ease your workload, it is essential to manage stress during holidays and relax. Here is why.

1. To Avoid Unhealthy Habits

Effective stress management during holidays will help you avoid the temptation of turning to unhealthy habits to help manage stress. Studies show that chronic stress increases individuals’ vulnerability to different kinds of addiction.

Stress management will help you avoid habits that will make your situation worse and affect the overall quality of your life.

2. To Prevent Depression and Anxiety

Chronic stress results in anxiety and depression. This can lead to behavioral issues, a decline in productivity, poor hygiene, self-neglect, and poor performance in school if it persists beyond the holidays.

3. To Battle Sleep Disorders

Stress affects sleep. Stress is one of the causes of chronic insomnia. Anxiety about studies, work, and other aspects of your life keep your mind active, even at night when you are supposed to rest. Quality sleep is vital for sound mental and physical health.

During holidays, you get time to get adequate sleep which you usually don’t get at school, and it also helps you alleviate stress during holidays. Managing stress will prevent sleep disorders and help you get the best of it.

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How to Manage Stress During Holidays

Here are three effective ways to manage stress during holidays and make the most of it.

1. Exercise Regularly

You may find it challenging to exercise regularly at school due to diet, sleep habits, and workload. During the holidays, you have the best chance to get back on track and decrease your stress levels.

Exercise triggers the production of feel-good hormones like endorphins and dopamine, improving your overall mood. It suppresses the production of stress hormones relieving your body of tension.

Exercise also improves sleep, which is good for your health. It maintains your physical health and keeps you in shape, boosting your self-esteem.

You don’t need to go to the gym to exercise. You can go for morning runs in your neighborhood, do yoga, aerobics, and even weight lifting. It doesn’t need to be strenuous.

2. Get Quality Sleep

Inadequate sleep strains the body, causing the release of even more stress hormones. In addition, lack of sleep blocks the body from regulating the amount of cortisol produced, leading to increased stress and anxiety levels.

Sleep reduces anxiety and enhances an individual’s ability to manage stress and react in a non-harmful way. It is an excellent remedy to stress and can help boost your mood.

It also sharpens judgment, improves concentration, and boosts your overall health.

The average adult should get seven to nine hours of night sleep. To maintain a healthy sleep routine, create a schedule, stick to it, and create an environment that supports successful sleep, such as a quality mattress, soft light, and blocking distracting noise. Regular exercise is also known to enhance the quality of sleep.

3. Set Boundaries

The leading causes of family stress at home include the lack of organization, poor communication, lack of respect for the needs of others and their own, and coercive and manipulative behavior by family members.

Unhealthy boundaries can result in tension and breed dysfunctional relationships. To prevent stress during the holidays, consider setting healthy boundaries. Let your family and anyone you interact with know about your limitations.

Identify some of the situations you have been stressed when you are with your family and establish boundaries that would prevent a repeat of the same.

You can set many types of boundaries to protect your peace and manage stress. They include physical, financial, emotional, time, and intellectual. This will prevent unreasonable demands from coming your way and help you avoid potential stressors.

To set boundaries effectively, start with goal setting to highlight what you intend to achieve with this step. Start small and ensure that the boundaries are clear, and practice them. Setting them will make you happier, help you achieve more balance, avoid resentment and prevent burnout.


Holidays can be as stressful as school days. To ensure you enjoy your holidays, decompress from academic pressure, recharge for a new academic term, and keep your holidays stress-free.

Get enough sleep, exercise, and set healthy boundaries at home to prevent negative interactions that would cause tension.

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