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How to write an English essay correctly



An essay is a form of written creative work in the form of a small essay on a given topic. It is characterized by a free statement of the author’s own opinion, his reasoning on a particular issue. The essay is written in the formal and semiformal style of the English language and is focused on colloquial speech.

Structure of an essay

Although there are no specific requirements for the essay, it welcomes a relaxed narrative, there is a traditional logic to its writing. To create an essay in English, the following approximate scheme is suggested:

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  • Title – defines the topic of the text;
  • Introduction – a short introductory, part length of 3-4 sentences. It is necessary to succinctly show your understanding of the issue and outline the scope of the topic. For example, you can start like this: This essay deals with… (“This essay is about…”);
  • The main part is a direct statement of ideas and reasoning on a given topic, in 2-3 paragraphs. It is important to think through the logic of the presentation, consider every aspect or argument of the main idea, possibly with examples and illustrations. Approximately such cycles: statement, explanation or arguments, example, conclusion;
  • Conclusion – summarizing the entire statement – a conclusion in 2-4 sentences. It can be a formulation of the answer to the question of the topic, recommendations, a call to action, a question, or an idea for further reflection.

The main types of essays in English

You can distinguish three typical types of essays, which one you should choose if it is not specified in the assignment.

Opinion essays. You are invited to express your judgments on a certain issue, giving different arguments, referring to personal experience or observations, mentioning other, different points of view on the problem. And you conclude by clearly stating your opinion.

For and against essays. For and against. From the title, it is clear how the topic should be stated. In most of the paper, you consider the arguments of opposing views, trying to be a detached objective researcher, and only in the conclusion do you make your judgment on the issue at hand.

Suggesting solutions to problem essays. Suggesting solutions to a problem. In this case, you are asked to consider a particular problem. It should be formulated in the introduction, then in the main part, you should state the reasons for its occurrence, as well as possible consequences. And in the conclusion, you need to suggest ways to solve it.

Tips for writing a successful English essay

Use these tips when doing your writing and get a great essay.

Preparation. There is not much time to write an English essay, but once you receive the assignment, take a couple of minutes to think about it, remember everything you know about the topic, outline the main theses in a draft, make a text plan, formulate a question that you will answer at the end. You could check homework help English.

Be sure to follow the structure of the essay: introduction, main part, conclusion. Failure to follow this rule may affect the grade.

If the introduction “does not go”, do not linger, leave room for it. After stating the main part, the introduction is easier to formulate.

Maintain an academic style. Avoid slang and abbreviated words.

Back up each of your thoughts with arguments and examples, show your knowledge. Give logical arguments, situations from life, opinions of authorities, etc.

Mention personal experiences, impressions, observations will help be convincing.

Speak out, to the point. An essay is a small written work, so you should try to be succinct.

Use introductory words and conjunction words. They help combine sentences and highlight paragraphs. Such as: for example, that is; similarly, moreover, furthermore, in addition; therefore, consequently, as a result, thus.

Alternate long sentences with short ones. Such texts are easier to read.

Avoid repeating the same words, use synonyms, and other wording. Use different complex grammatical constructions. This way you show the depth of your knowledge of the English language.

Express yourself correctly and delicately. You should not abuse categorical statements, show respect for other views and show general tact, especially in controversial topics (politics, religion, etc.).

Allow at least 5 minutes to check. Reread, trace logic and consistency, and check grammar. For this, use essay editing service. Small corrections may improve the content of the text, without affecting the grade.

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