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PlanetSpark rolls out Mother’s Day campaign #SparkHerSmile


Edtech platform PlanetSpark has launched its Mother’s Day campaign #SparkHerSmile. The social media campaign aims to spread expression of love between children and mothers. As a part of the campaign, the Edtech platform has urged children across the world to participate in a challenge titled ‘Bring your Mom to the Camera’, which brings both children and mothers in front of the camera while children express their love towards their mother. The campaign went live on 2 May, 2022 and will be on air till 8 May, 2022.  

Through the campaign, the platform intends to highlight the culture of candid emotional expression. Keeping intact its emphasis on communication skills, the campaign is designed to foster the effective communication of emotions. Additionally, PlanetSpark’s #SparkHerSmile campaign will rope in the company’s employees over the LinkedIn network. 

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PlanetSpark is an Indian Edtech company that is building a platform for skills learning. It offers live one-on-one classes in skills such as public speaking and creative writing, among others, for children aged 4-17 years. The company offers a WOW curriculum that includes application-based learning through storytelling, debate, podcasting, stand-up comedy, poetry and much more. PlanetSpark users are spread globally across 13 countries from North America, Middle East, and South-East Asia.

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