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Best Content Marketing Agencies for Hire of 2022

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This list is about the Best Content Marketing Agencies for Hire. We will try our best so that you understand this list Best Content Marketing Agencies for Hire. I hope you like this list Best Content Marketing Agencies for Hire. So lets begin:

About the Best Content Marketing Agencies for Hire

A content marketing agency is a company that works with an organization to research, produce, edit, and promote many types of content. The famous forms of content they create comprise everything from written articles to explainer videos. Content marketing agencies are made up of a team of specialists in fields like marketing, copywriting, videography, and animation. When you work with an agency, your company (regardless of its size) can gain access to this talent so you can create content that works much better than trying to do it yourself.

Professional content writers

There are many content marketing agencies that you can select to work with. The biggest hurdles to overcome when working on a content plan for your business is determining what content to create and how you will confirm that your target audience actually sees it. Regardless of the size of your business, one of the best ways to introduce a successful content marketing strategy is to work with a content marketing agency. When you work with a content marketing agency, you gain access to industry-leading experts who will research, produce, and help you distribute your content.

Check out the list of the best content marketing agencies to hire


The company can help you with all aspects of your content marketing needs and provides a much more convenient service than other online options like hiring freelance writers on platforms like Upwork. Of course, with a higher level of service, you should expect to pay significantly more than other options.

To work with Brafton, go to their website and fill out an interactive questionnaire to let them know what type of content you’d like to see produced, such as blog posts, product descriptions, scripts, e-books, and more. They will also ask you questions about the level of research required for your content if you want to optimize it for search engines and a few other questions so they can provide you with a personalized quote for the content you need.

mark point

Brandpoint is an industry-leading US agency that was founded in 1996 and has been providing full-range marketing services ever since. The agency team can boast a fairly wide area of ​​expertise. It provides professional assistance to companies of different sizes operating in the financial services, technology, human resources, agency and public relations, professional services, health and pharmacy, and manufacturing industries.

The first category of services that Brandpoint provides focuses on helping businesses modify their existing strategies or create new ones from scratch to acquire more customers and drive more sales. That is, the agency team can help you with employer branding, audience analysis, SEO strategy, website design and development, marketing automation strategy, and social media strategy.


It is an all-in-one content marketing platform. Brands use it to streamline their content pipeline and, more importantly, find freelancers. Basically, if a brand chooses, they can work directly with someone from Contently to brainstorm content ideas, connect them with freelancers, edit their work, and help with tech support.

Unlike many other platforms, Contently is not just limited to freelance writers. They are also looking for designers, photographers, videographers, and illustrators to work on projects. If you’re just starting out and feel overwhelmed at the prospect of setting up your own website, this is a good middle ground.

sky word

Skyword connects Fortune 1000 customers with content creators, who produce blog posts, infographics, and corporate videos. The client sets the payment rate, which can be accepted or rejected by the freelancer. Skyword charges the client, not the freelancer, a fee for the matching service.

If the client decides not to publish a piece, Skyword ensures that the freelancer charges a removal fee equal to 50% of the agreed price. This ensures that freelancers won’t walk away empty-handed after doing substantial work. At other sites, clients can often miss work assignments once the job is complete.

column five

Column Five is a creative content agency or visual communication agency founded in 2009. It is a B2B focused agency that provides services for brand strategy, content strategy, content creation and content distribution. According to Demand Gen Support, around 65% of the B2B content audience agree that they have a higher preference for credible content from industry influencers. Go Gulf also reported that 93% of marketers view interactive content as effective.

Column Five has proven to be a responsive partner that tailors its services to the client’s business and goals. They are incredibly organized in their schedule, budget, and reporting. The team manages the project professionally, staying up-to-date and communicating effectively while producing innovative content.


Verblio offers everything you need from a content writing service. They produce quality content, their platform makes it really easy to get started, and they seem to care about producing the right content for their business. Sure, it’s a bit more expensive than other blog writing services, but you’re paying for better quality.

One of the things that is a bit frustrating about Verblio is that its word count and content orders are quite rigid. However, custom orders and subscriptions are available for more flexibility. Verblio offers 5 different pricing plans based on the length of content you need to write. These plans are divided into two options.

eucalyptus media

Eucalypt Media is a content marketing agency specializing in content development and inbound marketing strategy for startups, educational institutions, entrepreneurial companies, and non-profit organizations. Eucalypt Media aims to bring a thoughtful approach to marketing and content by working closely with clients to understand their goals and develop customized strategic plans that help them grow their brands.

Eucalypt Media’s services include content audits, content strategy plans, SEO-optimized editorial calendars, guest blogging strategy, hourly consulting, SEO analysis, blog content, thought leadership articles, web content, newsletters, and magazines. , white papers and electronic books, publications extension of relations and promotion in social networks.

clear voice

Clear Voice separates itself from other content writing services by offering a more comprehensive service. When you work with Clear Voice, you’re essentially partnering with them to outsource your content writing needs. The company offers a platform for you to find and manage a team of freelancers to produce your content for you.

Working with ClearVoice is a great option if you need to produce a large amount of content each month and need a team that collaborates easily. However, if you only need a small amount of content to be produced each month, then there might be better options for your business.


Fractl is a digital marketing agency committed to the success of its clients. The agency was founded in 2012 and is located in Delray Beach, FL. Fracl’s core specialty is helping businesses across different industries optimize their digital marketing efforts to create viral campaigns, generate lots of traffic, and ensure organic growth.

The first type of service available on Fractl is the organic growth strategy. As you might guess from its name, this service is meant to help your business scale and grow corporate leads organically with minimal investment of time and effort on your part. If you want to generate a lot of great content that can really boost your business results, Fractl can help you with this.


Scripted, found at Scripted.com, is (essentially) a content factory. They facilitate the writer-publisher relationship by providing a platform where editors (meaning you) can post assignments and projects, writers can pick them up and write them, site editors can review them, and money can change hands.

There are benefits to content factories and their luxury brethren. Mainly it saves you time. Every moment you might have a contract dispute, every minute you spend dealing with bills, every editing request where you have to negotiate with a writer; all of that is handled by the platform instead of you. You are free to simply post a task, receive a response, and post it.

Final words: Best Content Marketing Agencies for Hire

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