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Mehdi Hasan Maruf book writing & music career started with the aim of conveying a positive message to the new generation


Mehdi Hasan Maruf

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DHAKA, BANGLADESH, January 25, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The New Book of Mehdi Hasan Maruf is coming this month. He decided to release a new Book this upcoming February. The book is based on the author’s autobiographical book. The title of the book will be “Taken from Life”.

The book will be available soon on Amazon:


With the publishing of his first book, “The Journeys Of The 25 Prophets: Part-1″ in 2018, Mehdi Hasan Maruf came into the limelight as a promising young writer. He proved later on that he was not there to be lost among others. His next book, ” Tom Sawyer- Er Duhssahosik Ovijan”, was another huge success for the readers. Most of his earlier books were family/social drama. But he proved his talent later on by writing more than a handful of science fiction, health-lifestyle, religion, and historical books as well. He even created a few characters that are known to almost everybody in Bangladesh, such as Arif Azad, Sajit, Amatullah, and Manik.

The number of books published by Mehdi Hasan Maruf is eight. He has written several books most notably on the subject of History, Religion, Health & Lifestyle. “Daily healthy life, Let”s learn SEO in Bengali, Guide to Higher Education in Europe, The Journeys Of The 25 Prophets Part-1 & 2, The Battle of Yarmuk, Tom Sawyer- Er Duhssahosik Ovijan, The Medicine of The Prophet, and Concept of Humanity” these are notable books he has written. These include one book titled “Concept of Humanity” written jointly with Professor AB Khan which is taught as textbooks at BRAC NGO School and other NGO Schools in Bangladesh.

Admittedly, Mehdi Hasan’s role in creating a general pleasure-seeking reader in Bangladesh is outstanding.

Though Mehdi Hasan Maruf was a trained musician, he found his true calling as a writer. Although he was introduced to the music industry to launch his first soundtrack “Sotter Poth” on different international platforms like Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, Jiosaavn, Pandora, Deezer, and many other platforms and gained widespread popularity in 2020. The song  “Sotter Poth” was very touchy and emotional. That was just the beginning, he now wishes to be a part of Bangladesh’s upcoming Music industry and claim notable rank on the leaderboard. “Dreams, Soft-hearted, Tip-top, Sotter-Poth, Nirzaton, Tulona, Purbo Pochim” etc are the name of his popular music composition.

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