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Keshav Krishnan – Popular blogger and Entrepreneur widely known for building a portfolio of Niche sites


Keshav Krishnan is a 29-year-old blogger from Darbhanga Bihar widely recognised for his expertise in blogging for passive income. He is a Digital Marketer and Niche site Affiliate Marketer where he advertises products and services and generates sales of multiple brands and businesses. He is also the founder of Niche Ride, a resource library that provides the informative content about the method of earning passive income through blogging. He has also been a speaker of various events where he shares his experience on how he could build a portfolio of Niche sites.

Of late, blogging has become the pulse of the Internet and took the world by storm where writers are observed benefitting from different blogs of different niches. This made blogging a powerful tool that not just carries vital information but also results in generating revenue for professional bloggers. Blogging though began as a passion by the aspiring writers to express their feelings but with time it emerged magically as the blogging sites began getting monetised creating a passive income for the bloggers. Starting a blog has been an exciting experience for writers who enjoy writing but many people think blogging is difficult being unaware of the right strategy. Well fret not, while Keshav Krishnan talks about some of the top things that need to be considered when starting a blog that can make your blog stand apart from the crowd. As a blog writing coach Keshav creates a roadmap for passionate bloggers towards their consistent income through blogging.

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Hailing from a middle-class family Keshav had a humble beginning where success in his life was a distant object for him. Started with nothing but he kept his dreams intact of building something new and eventually reached the pinnacle of success by smashing all the odds. He has created his niche and unlocked his potential with his venture Niche Ride. He was always inclined towards creating value and delivering it to people with unique ideas.  Amid the roller coaster ride and ups and downs, he could finally rise high taking his business to a standard level and building a prominent ecosystem with his years of sheer grit, perseverance and true determination. 

It goes without saying, patience and persistence is the key that eventually takes you to the top with wild success and recognition and Keshav feels the most primary reason for blog failure in India is the lack of patience as most people nowadays want rapid return and overnight success. This leads to the failure of the majority of people. His venture Niche Ride was established with a mission to help individuals understand online business and the earning from it is equal to earning any other offline business that requires hard work, patience, persistence, consistency and perseverance. 

Keshav shares a quote of Martin Luther King Jr for the young bloggers “If you can’t fly then run if you can’t run then walk and if you can’t walk then crawl but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward”. Keshav’s passion, consistency and persistence is the fuel that keeps him moving high and help foster his ability and willingness to inspire guide and teach others.

 Everyone has dreams Keshav too dreamt of achieving something big in life. He made use of his knowledge and ability to make his dreams a reality. His dream was achievable that he backed up with his passion and hard work and strong dedication in the mindset to conquer the goal. His optimistic attitude and perseverance are the cause behind the achievement of his goal and the amount of hard work he does is beyond the count. His never give up attitude sets him apart from the noise. 

Keshav is well trained by eminent SEO professionals from all around the world. He is specialised in SEO, Facebook Ads, Lead Generation, SEO Management, SEO Copywriting, SEO Blog Post, SEO Articles and many other SEO tools. He is not just an SEO expert but specialises in LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google optimisation to drive more traffic and leads. His areas of command include Niche site, SEO, SEO Copywriting, SEO blogging, Affiliate Marketing, PPC, Google, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Press Releases, Online Advertising, Email List Building, Keyword Research, organic reach, conversion optimisation and many more.

With a bold beginning and spark of entrepreneurship Keshav’s story is no less than inspiring for the aspiring entrepreneurs who see them on the growth path. Learn more about Keshav by vising his website – www.nicheride.com 

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/krikeshav

LinkedIn – https://in.linkedin.com/in/keshavkrishnan 

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