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Tips on how to make your essay look longer – The Upcoming


Tips on how to make your essay look longer

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The length is always a requirement when writing a college essay. Your teacher wants you to follow his/her guidelines as he/she is confident that this very volume is just big enough to express all your ideas or explain some subject exhaustively. So your teacher’s demands are not that groundless. But if you have difficulty compiling to the guidelines or you are confident that brevity is the soul of wit, then you really need to learn some tips on how to make your essay look longer.

What do you need to do to make paper longer?

Use examples

You cannot trick your professor and a computer word counter by using larger font sizes, bigger spacing, and increasing margins to make your essay look longer. The better idea to increase the volume of your text is to use examples to support or to clarify your ideas and thoughts. You can use essay help by addressing an essay writing service to find the suitable case studies for your argument. Examples will not only back up and strengthen your statements but will also puff your essay up. You can use multiple examples for each idea, but do not overuse them and don’t forget to give credit to quotes you borrow.

Use linkers to make your essay longer, logical and easy to follow

The use of transition words is usually a demand for academic writing but you can also profit from it when you want to raise the number of words. Use words like firstly, secondly and so on for sequencing. You can use connectors when you want to contrast or to compare some phenomena, to present results or a conclusion. Don’t miss a chance to use linking words and your teacher will never accuse you of watering down your paper. Using a connector is always a good idea.

Check out a paragraph structure

You must remember that a good paragraph starts with a topic sentence that represents the condensed idea of the whole paragraph. By reading a topic sentence, a reader must be able to understand what the paragraph is going to be about. A topic sentence must be supported by evidence and arguments. The last sentence of the paragraph is a conclusion that eases the transition to the next paragraph. So check each paragraph and if you spot missing parts, create sentences to meet paragraph structure requirements and make paper longer.

Be a bit wordier

It might sound like a silly and dangerous suggestion as every teacher must remind their students not to use five words when they can express the same thing with one word. Use more formal expressions. For instance, you can use as a matter of fact instead of in fact or for the purpose of instead of for. Spell the numbers. When you type seven, you get five characters instead of one. Get rid of contractions. Contractions are not welcome in any academic paper anyway and you can have two words instead of one by eliminating a contraction. Be descriptive and go into details. Do not use a lot of pronouns. If it’s possible, refer to a person by the name or the profession, not just by he or she. That will add few more characters to your paper.

Text size

If you are so lucky that your teacher does not use a computer work counter and only accept printed papers, you have a chance to take advantage of increasing spacing, font and margins as the last resort to make your essay look longer. Not to be caught, don’t be too greedy and use just a slightly bigger font for your text than required. Arial, Cambria, Quicksand and some others are larger fonts. If you cannot choose a font yourself and you must use Times New Roman, you can cheat by using Bookman Old Style which looks similar but it is slightly bigger. Adjust a font size. You can go from 12pt. up to 12.5 pt. but no more as the difference starts to become obvious. But for punctuation marks, you can use 14pt. without getting into trouble. You can also try to increase spacing by 0.1. Character spacing can also be increased, for example, you can use 1.5  spacing without being noticeable. The last thing you can try is to increase margins but no more than by a quarter.

If you still are not able to stretch your essay, and make it big enough, and you wonder “can someone help me with the writing?”, look for a company where you can order a paper. Professional writers will follow your requirements accurately and will complete a paper of a necessary volume on any subject timely. Essay reviews will convince you to choose this kind of service.

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