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How to Turn Your Love for Sports into a Side Hustle



Are you a sports fan? What if you could turn your hobby into an additional source of income? There’s arguably never been a better time to start a side hustle. It’s now easier than ever to earn extra money while maintaining a full-time job thanks to the internet and its ability to connect people from all over the world.

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This is especially relevant in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the resulting trend toward remote work. If you’re looking for a way to supplement your income, the options are virtually limitless.

For sports fans, there are numerous opportunities to make extra money doing something they enjoy. If you’re 100% committed to earning money from something you love, you can make it happen. The secret is not to give up.

If some people can make six figures or more from playing video games, making YouTube videos, or uploading pictures on Instagram, you can also turn your passion for sports into a lucrative side hustle.

Start a Blog

If you have good writing skills and extensive knowledge of a particular sport or sports in general, you might want to consider starting your own blog. Thanks to the internet and smartphones, sports enthusiasts all around the world can get information on their favorite sports whenever and wherever they want.

You can benefit from this through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing works by referring a product or service via a blog, social media platform, podcast, or website. The affiliate earns a reward each time a customer makes a purchase through their unique link.

You start by creating a blog with engaging content that readers keep coming back to. Once you build a steady audience, look for brands you could promote. This could include companies that provide sports equipment, fitness courses, nutritional supplements, and other related products.

You can also make money just by displaying ads.

Your blog might lead to a podcast or YouTube channel where you can comment on the latest sports events and developments.

It will take some time to get this venture off the ground. But if you play your cards right and market your business effectively, it can be very lucrative and help you build a good reputation that will lead to further opportunities.

Write for a Sports News Website

Your blog can help you apply as a freelance writer for sports news websites. Again, the internet has made it incredibly easy for anyone to launch websites dedicated to virtually anything. As a result, niche sports news websites have sprung up for just about any topic.

Job duties include contributing to a team blog, interviewing athletes, reporting on breaking news, and more.

You’ll need a writing portfolio to get this job, which is where your blog comes in handy. Building a professional network might also help you gain access to higher-paying platforms. And, of course, you need to make sure you’re up to speed on the topics you want to write about.

Run a Sports Podcast

If you want to go beyond writing but are not ready for a YouTube channel yet, you can create your own sports podcast. It has very cheap start-up costs, making it an extremely cost-effective venture. All you need is a good computer, a pair of headphones, a microphone, and a quiet room where you can record. Then you can launch a podcast on whatever topic you like.

The best part about creating a podcast is that you can be very specific. There are sports podcasts dedicated to just one team and any news related to that team. But you can also choose more general topics.

There are lots of free platforms where you can upload your podcast for free. Then you can promote it on your blog and through social media. Once you build an audience, you’ll be able to attract advertisers and generate further revenue streams.

If running a blog and a podcast becomes too time-consuming, but you don’t want to give up your day job, you can always hire a remote assistant to help you out so you can keep doing what you love.

Become a Collector

Many sports fans have a few items that can be termed collectibles, but this is actually quite a lucrative business. As Forbes points out, memorabilia alone is a $370 billion market, with sports accounting for a sizable portion of it. Granted, a large portion of the sports market consists of high-dollar items like Muhammad Ali’s gloves, but you’d be astonished at how much money you can make by collecting items from players before they become celebrities and selling them afterward.

Look for signatures on gear from the players you believe have the most potential. Attend games where a fly ball or even a practice jersey might be up for grabs, especially if it’s a high-stakes game that others might overlook.

Your goal is to find items and hold on to them for a while, waiting for the perfect moment to sell them but go for items you really would like to own. It’s your enthusiasm that will motivate you more than money.

Get Thrifty

The thrifting sector has changed dramatically in recent years, with sporting items appearing to be an unexplored market. As reported by the National Association of Resale Professionals, the thrifting sector generates more than $17 billion in revenue each year. Some of this is due to high-end boutiques selling used items, but overall, there’s a big market for athletic gear.

There’s a big demand for vintage goods, especially those that are in line with the current fashion trends. These items need to be in good or excellent condition. While a hole here and there is OK, what matters most is if the item is wearable and fits well.

Play Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports is a recent craze in which players take on the role of manager for a fantasy sports team. Many people have developed ways to make money through fantasy sports, including participating in leagues with cash rewards. You can also start your own league and monetize it by charging participants and advertising.

Of course, before you start making money, you’ll need to learn how to play fantasy sports. People who play fantasy sports take them very seriously, and if you want to turn this into a lucrative side hustle, you need to start with the right attitude.

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