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Diwali 2019 Essay Writing Tips For Kids

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Diwali essay writing tips for kids: Has your child been asked to write an essay on Diwali for his or her class teacher? Your little one may be reluctant to write it on his or her own and may need your help. These tips will help kids write a good essay on Diwali:

1. Get kids to read about Diwali

The first step is to introduce your kids to a variety of books on Diwali to help them understand what the festival is all about. Encourage your kids to find out interesting lesser-known facts about the festival. This can add to the quality of the essay.

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2. Prepare a structure

Now that your child has done his or her research properly, it is time to decide a structure for the essay. Guide your child in preparing pointers for the introduction, body and conclusion for the essay.

3. Introduction

An essay on Diwali can begin by talking about when it is celebrated and its significance. This can be followed by a brief mention of the myths and legends associated with the festival.

4. Write about how the festival is celebrated

Your child can then write about the various customs and traditions associated with Diwali like rangolis, fireworks, family feasts, exchange of gifts and so on.

5. How Diwali is celebrated across communities

Different parts of India celebrate the festival in their own unique ways. While some worship Goddess Kali, others worship Goddess Lakshmi. For Jains, the festival marks the final liberation of Mahavira and for Sikhs, the release of Guru Hargobind. Diwali is also celebrated outside India in places like Fiji, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Nepal and so on.

6. Eco-friendly Diwali

Explain to your kids the concept of an eco-friendly Diwali. In the essay, your child can write about how the festival can be celebrated in an eco-friendly way, like using green crackers or seed bombs, encouraging others to follow it too.

7. Add a personal touch

Encourage your child to write about how he or she is planning to celebrate Diwali like helping parents clean the house or making DIY crafts and lighting diyas, for instance.

8. Keep it concise

With so much to write about the festival, kids can lose track and end up writing a very lengthy essay. Parents can help them read and re-read the essay once written and make necessary changes.

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