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A Few Effective Tips on Choosing a Good Essay Topic


It’s college — you’re going to have to write essays. Choosing an essay topic is probably the most important part of the essay writing process and, unfortunately, a part that most students take for granted. The topic you choose will often determine the quality of the essay you end up writing. By picking the right topic, it makes it that much easier to write something that you’ll be proud of. Below are some useful tips that you ought to keep in mind to help you pick the perfect topic on your next essay-writing assignment.

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Choose a Topic of a Subject You Are Familiar With

It is very important that you pick a topic that you’re familiar with. The advantage of doing this is that you can spend less time researching the subject, since most of the information is already something you have in your head. Ultimately, you won’t have to expend as much effort into your essay, and the chances of you failing to meet the submission deadline for your assignment will be next to zero.

Pick a Topic That’s Interesting

The good thing about choosing an interesting topic is that you will also be enthusiastic about writing about it and any person going through your essay will be able to notice that from your writing style. Another thing is that the topic will be interesting for your readers/professor, so they’ll actually want to read it. Most readers will often make up their mind on whether or not to read a paper just based on the topic. No matter how good your writing is, a boring topic will be a turn-off from the start.

Narrow Down Your Topic

Instead of choosing a topic that covers a wide subject, try and narrow it down to something specific. For instance, instead of writing about chemistry as a whole, you can narrow it down to a specific field within chemistry. This will mean you spend less time on the paper than you would have otherwise taken to cover the whole subject; you won’t have to include as much information as you would have with a wider topic.

Reusing a Topic Is Okay

It is okay to use a topic you have previously written a paper on again, or even one that you submitted elsewhere. The trick here is to approach it from a different angle this time around. If you had a written paper on the advantages of computer technology in modern society, you could change it a bit and write about the disadvantages. Avoid copy pasting though, as it could amount to plagiarism; remember, originality is one of the key things that make an excellent essay writer.

The Topic Should Fit Your Writing Tone

Make sure the topic you choose will dictate the tone of your writing. An essay can be persuasive, one that compares and contrasts, something explanatory or descriptive one. If there is a mismatch between the topic you choose and your writing tone for any of these different types of essays, then it’s likely that you will not perform as well as you would have hoped for in your essay assignment. Choose the right topic with the writing tone in mind.

Choose a Topic You Can Easily Find Sources of Information to Research

Another common mistake students make is picking a topic or subject where sources of information are hard to come by. You end up spending quite a lot of time trying to find some information on the subject but to no avail. It will be much easier for you if the topic you settle for is easier to research on and information is readily available.

Seek Guidance

You can always ask your teacher to help you decide on the right topic to choose. Another option is to seek the help of writers who have a track record of writing good quality essays. There are several companies offering paper writing services and who have a team of excellent writers that you can work with to improve on your essay writing.

Besides good writing skills, language use and writing papers that are free of plagiarism or spelling mistakes, top writers have one thing in common. This is the ability to choose the most appropriate essay topic at any given time. You might not be a master at the subject, but with the right topic, it might appear as if you are. Always choose the right topic for your essay by taking the points mentioned above into consideration.

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