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5 tips to enhance creativity for remote college students – Film Daily


Hard to find. Impossible to forget. Creativity is forbidden fruit. It gives even the most boring routine the sweetest taste, the greatest pleasure. Time flies by; results impress with significance and efficiency, every unalluring detail sparkles with interest. Better be careful: consuming mass quantities can lead to addiction and unforeseen consequences. Other than that, within the bounds of reason, creativity can enhance your learning productivity. Especially when studying remotely.

How do you enhance the creativity itself? No need to remind you of the changes our world has gone through recently. Emotional drain and lack of inspiration are pending results of the shifting climate of today. It is now our sole responsibility to take care of our mental health, demotivation issues, and creativity lassitude.

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Tip #1: You Got This

Being torn apart from the usual order of things is stressful. There’s no shame in admitting a cry for help. Shame is to look on the dark side of things and miss out on the exciting opportunities around you.

If studying remotely saps your creativity, there’s a solution to it. You are given a unique chance to experiment with your own routine and unlock yet unknown potentialities of your creative mind. Demotivation won’t sadden your learning performance forever. But as for now, taking ownership of the situation is the first step to building a healthy creative practice.

Find out where you are standing at the moment in terms of your mental outlook. Only clarity can enable further development and progress. Don’t fear to ask yourself tough questions and give genuine answers:

  • What things are toxic for your creativity and motivation?
  • What things disable your feelings of safety and protection?
  • What things are missing from your life, and is there a replacement available?
  • Are you pleased with your recent achievements?
  • Where are you going next?

Being honest with yourself is the only way to stay present, motivated, and inspired. Remember, you will be okay no matter what. You got this!

Tip #2: Dismiss Your Fears

What obstacles distance you from creative freedom? Laziness, procrastination, fear of being judged, fear of being rejected, lack of self-confidence? You need to acknowledge the enemy, embrace the situation and fight back.

No Rules

Creativity isn’t a physical condition. It is a state of mind. To enhance creativity, you must find your creative center and liberate it from any restrictions. Your inner superpower has no limits; you decide whether to unchain or imprison it.

No Judgement

Silence the inner critic. To make something special, you need to believe it is special. If you keep on criticizing your work, no good can come out of it. Unbiased feedback is a valuable asset but only when appropriate. If it imposes a constraint on your motivation and self-confidence, best to avoid criticism at all stages.

No Standstill

When the road gets rocky, stop and take a break. But don’t stand still forever. Reinvigorate your energy and get back on track. Whatever is holding you back from moving forward must be left in the past. This is the secret to focus on your creative energy.

No Vindication

Actions don’t require solid grounding when it comes to creativity. Follow your inner voice and do as it directs you. Do not justify nor apologize for your creative behavior. No one knows what’s best for you. You are the only master of the situation.

Tip #3: Make an Escape

The bad news is that without creativity, you are imprisoned in your own realm of demotivation. Motivation and creativity are interconnected; one may not exist without the other. To break free, you need to discover a brand new spectrum of emotions and inspiration.

“If I could escape and recreate a place as my own world…”

… From the Physical Realm

Find yourself by getting lost. As surreal as it sounds, to unleash the unknown source of creativity, you need to… Go missing!

Leave your comfort zone. Change the entourage. Explore the unknown. It doesn’t matter how you escape the physical realm. It can be a cozy picnic in the park or a 3-day road trip. Let the new and exciting surroundings replenish your visionary system.

Start with something simple. Take a walk in an unknown direction. Turn off your phone, leave your gadgets at home, forget your worries for a while. Bring on a bottle of water and a good mood only. Enjoy the walk!

… From the Spiritual Realm

Imagine that creativity is a power fuel. Seems like your station just ran out of petrol. What do you choose? Walking all the way to the longed-for destination or looking for another charging station?

Try out something new and exciting. Look at things differently. Make a fresh start. You need to bring new bright colors to your emotional background. Trust your gut and follow your heart’s boldest desires. An ideal spiritual escape is following your own plan.

Life is short. Do things that bring you joy.

Tip #4: Good Vibes Only

The campus is out of the picture, or maybe it was never there. It doesn’t matter. What matters is your working environment – either literally or metaphorically.

Being creative doesn’t imply renting a studio furnished with vintage stuff or being spontaneous and unpredictable like a surrealist artist. It’s not about the cover but what is hidden underneath. It means feeling in sync with yourself, your wishes, and the world around you.

Best if you can arrange an undisturbed study space that will keep you centered and inspired. Once the geographical matters are settled, proceed to matters of the heart.

Tip #5: Relax, Take It Easy

Searching for creativity is similar to going after your dream weight. Some waste zero effort. Some waste months in the gym. Some waste years looking for a fitting diet. And some choose a balanced lifestyle, health, and happiness.

The same principle applies to creative search. Some of us are born enthusiastic creators with ever-driving inspiration. Some try out different approaches, learn from mistakes, and keep on experimenting. And some manage to find the ultimate formula that works best for them.

What you need is an individual approach. Every case is unique, so is your potential. The only way to unlock your creativity is by trying out different patterns, tricks, and methods. Make a roadmap of your creative journey. It is important to keep your daily schedule well-balanced and structured. Besides, best to keep track of your achievements and progress – no matter how big or small they are.

But before you go any further, focus on being at peace with yourself. Only a balanced lifestyle can lead you to enhanced creativity and productivity.

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