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How To Make Extra Money From Home With Ease


The level of unemployment in Nigeria is alarming with universities and other higher institutions producing thousands of graduates every year with limited jobs or work to fall back on after school to meet their daily needs.

Prominent persons, government officials, motivational speakers, businessmen, and women at one point or the other have advised young Nigerians to be an employer of labour or venture into business rather than wait to be employed in an organization.

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Some after school, go all out in search of white-collar jobs which have been occupied or hard to find and at the end of the day may not get their desired or dream job.

At this point with the growing situation of unemployment in the country, we are expected to fine-tune our minds and put our strength into something you some much love doing and make it yield resourceful income for you.

To ease the stress of thinking about businesses you can do, we took out time to share ways and steps you can follow to make money from the comfort of your home either as full-time work or as a side hustle.

Some of the highlighted options will need a functioning computer system and a good data network.

Here are some businesses you can venture into from the comfort of your home and you will get paid for it:

1. Create A blog

Having a blog is one of the ways to make income, all you are expected to do after creating the platform is to produce content that attracts audiences.

To build the popularity of your blog you can attract top talent willing to write for you and develop contents.

2. Sell Products Online

An example of online product/service sales is Fivers which is a marketplace that allows you to sell different services to people who are ready to pay you a mouthwatering price.

Things you can sell on Fivers include graphics and design services, digital marketing, writing and translation services, video and animation services, music and audio, programming and application development, business services and lifestyle services that includes anything from celebrity impressions to gaming.

3.  Freelance Writing

As a good writer, you can decide to put your gift into use by writing content for platforms, articles for organizations, books for publishers, and many other means which would not take you out of the comfort of your home.

4. Trade cryptocurrency

bitcoin trading market data chart. virtual cryptocurrency concept

The world is evolving digitally and so is our currency, some countries in the world are transacting with cryptocurrency and this is another great way for you to make money in the comfort of your home, all you have to do is read and understand how to trade when to trade and other important decisions to make when trading.

You can decide to take advantage of this trend where it is legally accepted as more countries accept transactions through cryptocurrency.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing presents a very low friction entry into selling products online. While you do need some type of audience to sell these products or services to, you could make a significant amount of money from home while doing it. Some products or services have very high earnings per click. That means, if you play your cards right, you could easily make a large profit on conversions by driving traffic to specific offers as long as you target the right interests.

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