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5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Academic Writing Skills Fast


With the numerous times students will have to submit assignments while in school, only by having excellent academic or essay writing skills is there a high chance of getting a high score. Excellent essay writing is also key in meeting the current educational standards and receiving impressive scores in exams, tests, assignments, and homework. 

So whether you are in high school, in college taking an undergraduate or graduate course, to have a smooth academic journey, you need to show that your quality of writing is above average. But what if you frequently struggle to compose flawless content and need to sharpen your academic writing skills fast? Well, that’s where this post comes in. It contains the simplest but effective ways to sharpen your writing skills and ensure the academic papers you submit communicate the intended message. 

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Vary the Sentence Length

For assignments and scholarly publications, a formal style and tone are often recommended. The writing style must also use:

  • Third-person
  • Active voice
  • Neutral language
  • Evidence-based reasoning

For the writing to be clear and well thought out, the paper must have appropriate sentence length. Make the sentences too long, and the content becomes challenging to read and understand. On the other hand, if you focus only on using short sentences, it might be hard to communicate the intended message appropriately. Overall, quality writing has appropriate sentence length that varies to improve the readability of the text. Thus good writing will have a mixture of short, long, and medium sentences to prevent monotony and create emphasis where needed. 

Learn From Examples

Mastering the art of crafting quality academic papers is a skill that will be applicable in your career. Furthermore, good writing is one of the reasons why successful students always earn high scores for their assignments. The problem is that not all students have excellent academic writing skills. However, learning from a professional essay writer is the fastest and best way to sharpen your skills fast. The trick to accessing only well-written academic papers is to get them from essay uk. 

What you will notice is that uk best essays are coherent and concise. The main ideas are always expressed clearly using a few words as possible. Overall, the papers contain flawless text and meet the current academic standards and the quality expected in scholarly work. So use the academic papers provided by subject experts to study the craft and hone your writing skills. 


Apart from improving skills, crafting different essays exposes you to different types of academic papers and writing styles. When writing any academic paper, keep the writing conversational and practice editing thoroughly to eliminate filler phrases and words. You can go further and request a friend or professional from a reputable uk essay writing company to edit your work and offer suggestions that will help to improve your writing. Learn from the recommendations provided and avoid repeating any mistakes pointed out. 

Follow Grammar Rules

Even if you are taking a technical course, it doesn’t mean your writing should be filled with complex jargon. Good writing produces text that is easy to comprehend. Read a few grammar textbooks to ensure you are writing as per the quality expected by your professor. Reading is also another great way for a student to improve their grammar skills. 

The trick is to have a few books to use as a reference whenever any grammatical question arises. The library or the office of English professors are good places to get recommendations on quality grammar textbooks to use. Ensure the ideas presented in an academic paper are well evidence and coherent. The writing should be free of emotional language, clichés and be objective. 

Use the Correct Structure

All academic papers must have a beginning, middle section, and ending. The intro needs a thesis statement that focuses on the text and tells the reader what the essay is about. The body section contains the main arguments that support the thesis, while the ending restates the key points. To improve your writing:

  • Ensure that none of your paper crams two or more ideas into a single paragraph.
  • When necessary, use truncated sentences to communicate in a conversational tone, reinforce what is being said, clarify a longer description, and create a bigger impact.
  • Ensure all are referenced using a standardized system, be it MLA, APA, Chicago, or others. 

Students in any course and age can benefit by taking the necessary steps to improve their academic journey. Use the mentioned above ways often, and you will see an improvement in your writing skills in no time. 

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