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SEO 101: Text Optimization Rules, Practices, and Tools To Use for a Better Ranked Article in Search Engines


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a common practice nowadays. Why is this? With just a click in popular search engines and browsers, one can reach different sites on the internet, developed by content creators, writers, scholars, and various contributors to the modern mass media.

Search engines like Google and Bing have a unique way of ranking an article from a website, blog post, or social media that appears whenever a person searches for specific keywords. Not optimizing these kinds of content will put them at the far end of the results pages, and that is something no writer would want for their hard work.

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The said write-ups need to be well-optimized or set up, and this is because search engines have these so-called AIs or web crawlers that scan a specific work. Fully-optimized and carefully curated pieces would land on top search results pages, and those with poor optimization on a particular keyword would be ranked farther at the back.

SEO 101: Best Practices To Observe

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Focus on Your Keywords (But Do Not Overstuff)

Keywords are essential because they will be the ones that search engines will look for at first to determine if the piece is properly optimized and can be suggested to readers. Long-tail and short tail keywords are helpful, especially in catching the attention of these bots.

However, do not overstuff your article with keywords (both short and long-tail), as it is the equivalent of spamming in SEO practices.

Make It Catchy, Interesting, and Fresh

An article will not be noticed if it does not have the right flair and exciting content for the audience to keep on reading. Impact also works along the lines of the keywording and is analyzed by Google and Bing’s search engine bots to rank your article.

Conciseness Is Important

Optimization also includes the brevity of an article as a factor for it to rank. The process aims to deliver the writeups with the most helpful information but not necessarily longer pieces. Being concise in every writeup is more likely translated by search engines as an optimized article, not to mention the applied practices to improve SEO.

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Write Meta titles and Tags Better

Meta titles and tags are important because they act as secondary keywords that both search engines and readers would look into. They are known as short descriptions that talk about the article before readers open the actual webpage to read. Optimized meta titles and tags on an article help in making the article more noticeable to the web crawlers.

Optimizing Your Article and Its Benefits

Articles are now seldomly opened or finished, so it needs to be catchy or interesting enough for a person to keep reading.

However, while the article may be interesting for readers, it may not be for search engines. It is important to note that Google, Bing, and other engines use bots, software, and AIs to crawl through thousands of articles to be ranked. They recognize codes, unlike people who actually comprehend the content.

Compelling content would not be enough to optimize, and it would be such a waste if one’s work gets ignored or pushed down because of poor SEO.


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Good SEO Benefits

  • Brings out the best and improve one’s work to be more precise and accurate
  • Improves writing skills for modern demands and standards
  • Attracts more visitors to the website (Organic)
  • Tailors the content to be more noticeable online
  • Prioritizes conciseness for articles to make people open and read them
  • Helps the article rank higher on the search engine results page

SEO Tools: Do You Need Them?

SEO Tools are important in optimizing articles as well. This is because they are well-equipped with the technology of guiding an article into becoming better outputs. So when it is published, Google or Bing can crawl them to their webpages.

It is essential to use known and tested tools for their services — those that have already proven themselves in the industry and helped a lot of websites and blogs get noticed by the people who need them.

Tools for SEO in the Modern Age


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Tools like TextOptimizer bring the necessary analysis, editing, suggestions, and tweaks that can help make the article more noticeable to search engines and eventually, to internet users.

The company’s AI software is a lightweight tool that can help make one’s work maximize its potential, especially as it tries to rank against articles or topics with similar content and also use tools in their arsenal.


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SEO practices are only one aspect of the discipline to create better content, as they can only do so much for the user. It would be unfortunate if a person misses out on additional keywords that can help in boosting one’s writeup if they pass out on tools as well. With optimization tools and quality content, topping the search engine results page is a possible feat.

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