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GRE Essay Writing Tips from Experts

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GRE is the necessary test for applicants to the Master or postgraduate programs in the USA and some other countries. Many colleges consider the grade for this test as the most important criterion to decide whether the applicant should become a student or not. 

The full GRE test includes three sections. The essay section is called Analytic Writing. It includes 2 types of essays. Both should demonstrate your ability to analyze.

No college will accept you without GRE. The results of GRE a valid for five years. And you can re-sit test 5 times per year. But it is a stress every time, so it is extremely important to pass on the first try.

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General Recommendations

The most difficult part of the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) test is traditionally considered the analytical section, which is designed to assess the candidate’s ability to think critically. In the analytical section of GRE, the candidate is required to write two types of essays in 60 minutes: Analyze an Issue and Analyze an Argument.

To get a high score, you must write essays that match the essence of the assignment. Since the section is called “analytical writing”, you must demonstrate, first of all, logical and analytical skills. In the reasoning proposed to you, you should find and determine at least three logical errors, reasonably describe them, and recommend ways to eliminate them.

Most of the errors are associated with unconfirmed assumptions, which the author of the argument uses in his reasoning. Also, you may encounter errors of generalization, analogy, unreasonable causation, the substitution of concepts, and others.

Because of the complexity of these tasks and the limited time, it is recommended to adhere to the following techniques to get the maximum score for this GRE section.

1. Outline an Essay Plan

At the very beginning, sketch your initial ideas on paper. Then organize them in the order that best helps convey your point of view to the reader. You can also opt to buy college essay.

2. Justify the Point of View

Be sure to reinforce your point of view with relevant arguments or examples.

3. Stick to the Structure

It is not the “correctness” of your point of view and your thoughts that is evaluated, but how you can organize and state them logically. To achieve this, it is necessary to break the text of the essay into logical paragraphs, use transitional words and phrases to reveal the structure of the essay, and help the reader not to lose the thread of thought.

4. Do Not Forget About the Introduction and Conclusion

If enough time remains, write an introduction and conclusion, each one paragraph long. This technique improves the integrity of the essay. You need to make sure that their meaning does not contradict each other and the main idea of your written work.

5. Do Not Focus on Literacy

Literacy is important, but the content and structure of the essay are more important in terms of getting a high score for the essay. Leave the error check for later, otherwise, you may not have enough time to complete the task.

6. Use an Acceptable Style

Avoid using slang, jargon, and highly professional terminology. To prove your point of view, do not resort to humor, puns, and well-worn quotes. Instead, try to express your thoughts in your own words.

7. Do Not Use Quotes Too Often

If you are well-read it is wonderful. However, it is not recommended to re-dress to the book words and expressions – it may look as if you are trying to hide mediocre content behind beautiful words.

8. Leave Time to Check Your Work

Plan your time in such a way as to leave the last few minutes to reread the entire text, make minor changes, correct grammar errors, and typos. At this point, do not try to completely rewrite any paragraph. Better focus on correcting minor issues that could interfere with the perception of the text.

9. Do Not Make Excuses

For example, you don’t have to explain that you didn’t have enough time to express some thoughts. If you feel that you are running out of time, do not try to list or summarize everything you wanted to write. Better leave this for a draft.

These tips apply to any analytical essay, not just GRE. Therefore, you can use samples from professional authors to understand how your work should look. It is equally important to train in a logical and structured presentation of thoughts. To prepare for the test, not only write an essay, but also read additional literature, which may be useful to you as an argument, and solve logical problems.



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