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Copy Editor says goodbye to The Daily Toreador | Opinion


My journey at The Daily Toreador began just this year, and I’m sad to say it’s coming to a close.

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I began as an opinions columnist working under Mateo Rosiles last spring. I could not have asked for a better opinions editor. 

He was kind, patient and pushed me to be the best writer I could be. Now, as our current editor-in-chief, I can say he has done that and then some.

Mateo and Mallory Rosetta encouraged me to apply for the copy editor position at the end of my spring semester. I was nervous about the workload involved in being a copy editor and declined the job.

I then began the fall semester as a La Vida writer. The copy editor position was still open, and it felt like it was meant for me.

Despite my initial hesitation, I eventually applied and got the job. I can say with full certainty that applying has been the best decision I’ve made in my time at Texas Tech so far. 

Being the copy editor has not been easy. I often doubted my grammar and AP style knowledge. I questioned if my stories were good or even worth writing.

But with the constant guidance and encouragement of our advisers, Andrea Watson and Sheri Lewis, and the rest of the editorial board, I found passion in journalism like never before. I wrote profiles about intriguing individuals and got the opportunity to attend a variety of events I would never usually get to go to.

In my time at The DT, I have become a better journalist and writer, a better team player, a better student and a better friend. For this, I thank the following people, in addition to the ones above:

Tea McGilvray, features editor, an understanding, patient friend, great writer and amazing artist. The features staff was lucky to have you as their editor this semester, and your art has made our paper beautiful.

Chyna Vargas, our opinions editor who started her journey at The DT alongside me. You are a talented, passionate writer and a lovely friend. I could not have asked for anyone better to spend print nights goofing off with.

Arianna Flores, sports editor. Your drive and passion for sports and journalism is unparalleled. Your support has meant the world to me. A true ride or die.

Katie Perkins, multimedia editor. You are a woman of many talents. Not only are you a great photographer, but writer and leader as well. You’re also my favorite Swiftie.

Bishop Van Buren, our editorial assistant, a loyal and hardworking individual. I wish you the best of luck as the next sports editor, a role I know you will excel in. You made print night insanely fun.

To the staff, I have enjoyed reading your wonderful stories. You have helped me grow in my own writing abilities, and for that I thank you.

And to our readers, thank you for your everlasting support. As I finish out my final year at Tech, I will carry the lessons and memories I have from The DT with me to graduation and beyond.

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