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Basic Essay Structure Writing Tips That Will Ease the Process


Basic Essay Structure Writing Tips That Will Ease the Process

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Essay writing is a critical skill for college students. But it takes knowing a couple of secrets to writing a good one. We have prepared some tips that will help you complete this assignment easily and fast.

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Create a Thesis for the Introduction

A thesis is the most important part of your essay. In it, you briefly and clearly explain the main arguments. The thesis should be at the end of the introduction and include the evidence that supports it. It should consist of one or two sentences. After you are done with it, you can proceed to prepare the plan and text of your work.

Make a Short Plan

When the thesis is ready, make a quick list of the main points of your essay. You should not go into details. A couple of sentences or even a few words will be enough. Come up with a plan that will define the chronology of your thoughts. For example, you can start with stronger arguments and move towards weaker ones.

Outline the Context with the Introduction

After working on the thesis and plan, move on to the introduction. It should include a brief overview of the topic and your thesis. Here, you need to provide information that will help readers understand what they will be dealing with.

The introduction may begin with general information about the subject being studied. Next, you should write about the issues that you want to consider, and then state your thesis. A good introduction should also contain a brief transitional sentence. It forms a connection with the first idea or argument that you want to state.

Present Your Arguments in Detail

Write a few paragraphs of text about your topic according to your plan. Each paragraph should contain a thematic sentence. It is a small thesis that briefly explains the main idea that you wish to present in this paragraph. After the thematic sentence, support your ideas with some examples. Try to show how the arguments of each paragraph are connected to the thesis of your essay.

Also, use transitional sentences between paragraphs. Your text should have a flow, so try to create smooth transitions between your arguments. Try to find a logical way to connect each paragraph with a previous or following argument.

Present Counterarguments in Your Essay

If you have counter arguments that are convincing enough, use them in your work. If it is possible, try to oppose these counterarguments. The reader will see that you have studied this topic and can present your position objectively. It will make your arguments even stronger. And also, it will show that you have researched the topic from different perspectives.

Write Your Conclusion

Complete your essay with a brief restatement of the main ideas. Describe how the presented evidence supports your point, as well as briefly summarize key points and arguments. You can also consider questions that still need to be answered or ideas that deserve further study.

The conclusion should be brief. The appropriate word count depends on the size of the rest of the work. But usually, the conclusions should not take more than 1-2 paragraphs. For example, in an essay consist of 1,000 words, the conclusion should consist of 4-5 sentences.

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