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10 Tips on How to Write an Opinion Essay


Do you dread essay writing? Are you looking for some opinion essay help to write a fantastic opinion essay? However, you must be wondering how an opinion essay is different from an argumentative and persuasive essay.

It’s so easy. While writing an argumentative or persuasive essay, you need to provide counterarguments and describe the essay’s topic from various perspectives. Whereas, in an opinion essay, you don’t need to aim at the pros and cons in comparison. Instead, focus on the thought regarding the subject matter.

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You are deemed to write your point of view and back them up with the information available. Hence, to write an engaging opinion essay, you need to conduct a detailed research about your subject before working on it.

According to an old Croatian saying, without suffering, there is no learning. The point of the saying, of course, is that we learn through being challenged. We don’t learn from what we can already do well. For far too many students, the act of writing an essay is an exercise in exquisite suffering. However, it doesn’t have to be. In today’s article, we’re going to explore the opinion essay, a relatively rare form of essay that often gives students a great deal of trouble as they struggle to balance traditional academic writing against the need to express an opinion in the paper. We’ll look at ten tips to help you write a better opinion essay so you can be prepared for your next opinion paper, to write my essay. 

1. Know what an opinion essay is. An opinion essay states an opinion, but it isn’t simply an editorial in which you say only what you think. This type of essay requires you to present facts and evidence to support your point of view. You are explaining why your viewpoint is right but defending it like the conclusion to a research paper.

2. Develop your view on the subject before writing. Since an opinion essay requires you to have an opinion, it’s important to develop that opinion before you start writing. Why do you believe in your point of view? Be sure you can explain why you are right and can formulate your point of view clearly and effectively.

3. Do your research. It may seem obvious, but it’s important to research your topic before you write. You may find that reading other people’s opinions will change, shade, or shape your own point of view. The worst thing you can do is to write the entire essay only to discover at the end of that there are facts that completely change your opinion.

4. Don’t save your opinion for the end. The reader isn’t going to wait around for the end of your five-paragraph or five-page opinion essay to find out what you think. You need to be sure that your opinion is clearly stated at the beginning of the essay, in the thesis statement, so that the reader understands your perspective from the start. This will also help to ensure that every part of the essay works to support the thesis.

5. Begin with an attention-grabbing opening. Your essay should grab the reader’s attention from the first line. Be sure to start with a strong hook, such as a dramatic fact or statistic, or an anecdote, to draw the reader in and interest them in learning more. After all, if readers aren’t interested, they won’t listen to your opinion.

6. Never title your essay with a question. A wit once said that if you title your opinion essay with a question, the reader will always answer “no.” More accurately, readers will answer the question for themselves in terms of their own experience, and that will make them less open to your perspective and point of view.

7. Start with your strongest argument first. Your opinion essay should begin with the strongest and most convincing reason you are right and then work down to less important points. Readers want to know right away what the best argument is because, if they don’t believe it, the rest won’t convince them. Nobody likes to wait for the good stuff.

8. Try to use the active voice. Academic writing often causes writers to slip into passive-voice constructions. For a research paper, this isn’t as much of a problem as it is for an opinion essay. This is your opinion, so take ownership of it with the active voice.

9. Don’t be afraid of a little emotion. A research paper focuses entirely on facts, evidence, and reasoning, but an opinion essay has room for emotion. Tug at the reader’s heartstrings a little to show why your perspective is emotionally correct, not just logically correct.

10. Don’t be afraid of professional help. When all else fails, you can always pay someone to write essay sections or an entire opinion essay for you. Online writing services like WriteMyPaperHub have experts who can help you with any opinion paper you need written. Feel free to contact a professional writer for an expert’s opinion on the best way to approach your topic, develop a strong opinion about it, and support that opinion in writing.

By using these writing tips, you’ll be in a stronger position to produce a powerful opinion essay that will make a great case for your point of view. Mastering the art of opinion can be a challenge, but with the right approach and a little help, you, too, will soon be delivering exceptional opinion essays whenever your professor assigns you an opinion paper.


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