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Dear Oppa: An Indian fan explains her undying love for global stars BTS and Park Seo Joon


It’s rare to have someone write to two of their favourite entertainment persons in a letter but there is a first for everything! BTS and Park Seo Joon definitely rule the world of K-Pop and K-Drama as their skills and talent is recognised worldwide. This letter has been written by Pragati Bal for BTS and Park Seo Joon

Today’s heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Pragati from India to BTS and Park Seo Joon. Read her letter below.

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Hi, I am Pragati Bal from India.

I wanted to express my gratitude to BTS and Park Seojoon, both from South Korea, for changing my life. I was going through a very tough time last year since I was studying alone for an exam, that was my 1st drop. There was no motivation in me. BTS, because of their stunning looks and amazing lyrics, brought hope in me. Each member’s story has helped me rejuvenate. Big hit entertainment has done a great job in helping them get personal with us, cause when we hear about struggles of others, it inspires us. I love Jimin, I got inspiration for being healthy and dancing because of him. I did many things apart from studies, only because he did the same as a child. If you are versatile,your productivity is more. Also, the k-drama “Itaewon class” has helped me learn a lot about life because of its countless messages. Park Seo-joon was so into the character. He was very inspiring. I thank K-pop and K-drama creators and members for changing my life. I was successful in my exam and learnt a lot because of them. Saranghae oppas!

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