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Have a knack for writing? Here are some content writing jobs for you


Until a decade or two ago, writing was never encouraged as a serious profession in India. The scenario has seen a huge change, as the job market has improved for writers, and there are many options that someone with a flair for writing can look at. Jobs for writers span across different sectors, and in fact, almost every sector needs an expert who is good with their words.

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If you think you have a knack for writing, take a look at these job openings for content writers in a list curated by YourStory.


Travel Content Writer

Experience required: 0-3 years

Tripoto is looking for talented writers who are infatuated with travel, and curious about what people are sharing, liking and talking about on the Internet. Responsibilities include creating interesting and engaging travel content and promoting that content across social media channels.

The candidates should have a love for travel, experience in blogging/vlogging and writing content for the online world, along with excellent writing skills, imagination, and the ability to effectively express. Videography/Photography skills will be a huge plus. 

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Content Writer

Experience required: NA

The candidate is required to develop content strategy aligned with short-term and long-term catalog targets. He/she will also have to collaborate with product and catalog teams to plan and develop menu content.

The job, furthermore, entails creating and publishing engaging content, liaise with content writers to ensure consistency, optimize content according to SEO, use content management systems to analyze website traffic and users engagement metrics. The candidate should be up-to- date with the developments within the industry as he/she will play a role in defining the brand voice of one of the most enviable brands today.

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Wadhwani Foundation

Startup Content and Instructional Design Expert

Experience required: NA

Venture Fasttrack is looking for a content designer who can create engaging learning content, toolkits and experiences for incubators and entrepreneurs that are supported by the company. To do that, a content designer is required with an entrepreneurial spirit who understands digital learning, technology and education. 

The content designer is expected to create and design online content as well as co-strategise content design and development as the company takes its capacity to a global level.

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Content Editor

Experience required- 3+ years

This is a role for someone with exemplary written and verbal communication skills in English, and who enjoys creating delightful, engaging and witty content.

As a Content Editor of the team, the candidate should have in-depth knowledge of popular Indian content and have sources in Bollywood, music, social trends, politics, science and technology, fashion, lifestyle, and books. He/she should also have a strong understanding of his/her audience and their needs, and should be able to think user-backwards.

In this role, the candidate has to ensure that the public content is of the highest standard, appropriate and complies to the team’s and company’s guidelines and policies while tracking and using data to make content decisions. He/she will be required to juggle multiple projects and priorities with high attention to detail.

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