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The scope for technical writing as a career


Organisations have begun to rely more on the content they put out. And thereby comes the rise and need for technical writers

Content writing has been increasingly picking up pace. Not only do people recognise its importance but are also considering it as a career prospect now. While it has been a recognised field in the west, in India it has gaining ground over the years and it is expected to grow.

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The industry

A technical writer should be able to write concisely, precisely, accurately, and in a easily understood manner. While technical writing was first restricted to the manuals and instructional documents, it has now spread across industries. Sectors like electronics, engineering, aeronautics, medical, biotechnology, finance, IT and more are focusing on diverse types of technical content to enhance their brand image and communication. The availability and accessibility of the Internet and digitisation have further helped escalate the need for technical writing, as has web-based product support.

Skills required

Due to its increased acceptance as a career prospect, various institutions have introduced courses in content writing along with specialised ones to ensure there are relevant educational qualifications and job opportunities. Courses in technical writing provide the necessary technical know-how along with the language and writing aptitude. They offer the mannerisms to weave technical material into words by first sharing an understanding of the concepts with the learners.

At the core of any technical writing course is putting technical concepts into layman’s terms for easier understanding. For this, the writer has to undergo in-depth research via paper, reports, and writings on various topics. Additionally, skills of data collection and interpretation, and usage of tools like authoring, screen capturing, image editing, infographics, and presentations are also offered to prospective technical writers.

An interesting fact about technical writing is that the writer does not need any specific degree. All one needs is a good command of written and verbal English, communication skills, and the desire to work hard, research, learn and grow. As technical writing goes hand in hand with technology, one needs insights and updates about innovations and new launches and the skill to conduct research. Any prior experience in the IT and software industry, a journalism background, a degree in the English language, or Mass Communication gives an additional advantage.

Career prospects in India

With the increased demand for technological solutions and innovations, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, the requirement for technical writing will also witness a surge along with advances in the kind of content. Along with this, one can also step into the fields like advertising, consulting, academia, telecommunications, security, publishing just to name a few while the prospects’ list endless.

Since technology is omnipresent and reliance on it is increasing, technical writing has now become a requisite feature for all organisations rather than an option. They willingly spend time, effort, and finances on premium quality content so as to extend the best and appropriate communication to their target audience. Therefore, technical writing will be one of the most viable career options in the future.

The writer is CEO, Henry Harvin Education.

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