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Technologies to Watch Out for in the SEO Industry


Martech Outlook | Thursday, November 25, 2021

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SEO is a fast-paced industry. What worked a few weeks ago may or may not work anymore. To stay up with the industry’s ever-changing demand, an SEO specialist must be up to date on the latest trends and developing technology. That way, SEO specialists can stay on top of their game and improve their efficiency.

To grow SEO procedures in 2021 and beyond, an SEO expert must keep an eye on the following technologies and begin integrating them as soon as possible.

SEO A/B testing

Most SEOs prioritize user A/B testing above SEO A/B testing. While user testing entails randomly assigning visitors (users) to different versions of your website’s pages and then determining which one to utilize based on the results. The users in SEO A/B testing are Googlebots rather than end-users, and they are usually presented with the same version of the website. This means that when SEO experts employ SEO/AB testing, they just show one version of the page to users or Google, rather than several versions.

Non-text content factors

Non-text content variables are gaining traction in SEO since they assist SEO experts in creating a better user experience on their website pages. When someone reads a piece of content that is littered with blocks of text, they are likely to find it unattractive to look at. Non-text content characteristics will have a big impact on SEO, especially with Google’s anticipated enforcement of Core Web Vitals in March 2021.

Natural Language Generation (NLG)

SEOs may now create relevant phrases and sentences using NLG, just like they would in regular language. Instead of struggling with writer’s block and wasting hours pondering what to write, NLG automates the process. This allows content creators to concentrate solely on polishing and to improve the article’s readability. While NLG has many applications, it is currently best suited for writing short-form content such as headlines, product descriptions, meeting memos, and so on.

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