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Survivor South Africa Returning In 2022 With Second Chance Season


Survivor South Africa is coming back in 2022, and so are some former castaways, as M-Net confirms the popular reality series will return for a ninth season.

The announcement was made via the official SurvivorSA Twitter account, which stated, “a drift of former outcasts will re-ignite their flames – and play the world’s greatest game all over again.” The accompanying video includes clips from past seasons, while host Nico Panagio promises that the returning castaways will have a chance to re-write their history.

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In a statement to News24.com, broadcast company MultiChoice said, “In 2022, Survivor SA returns for its 9th season – and this time, the greatest game on earth will see a cast of returnee outcasts who were outwitted and outplayed on previous seasons battle it out to outlast and become the Sole Survivor. These players, who never made it to the final Tribal Council, all have a score to settle. Get ready for Survivor SA: Return of the Outcasts – on M-Net in July 2022.”

Survivor SA, which finished airing its eighth season, Immunity Island, in September, recently sold Seasons 6, 7, and 8 to Australia (10Play), the UK (Amazon Prime Video), and USA (Viacom/Paramount+).

It is believed that the upcoming season will once again film domestically in South Africa. There is no word yet on which former castaways will be returning for Survivor: SA: Return of the Outcasts.

Stay tuned to Inside Survivor for more information in the coming weeks.

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