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Creative writing is probably one of the most sought-after soft skills out there. In today’s world quality content is required in diverse sectors like literature, business promotion, eCommerce, technical websites, digital marketing, etc. Content writing is an on-demand skill both for full-time jobs and outsourcing platforms. People, who have a natural spree of writing, can turn that passion into a profession and make a stable source of income. Here we have discussed the basic ideas about creative writing and listed some of the best 10 free online writing courses available in various reputed platforms in 2021.

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What is Content Writing?

Though everyone with a basic understanding of English can write content, the skill of professional writing requires a combination of factors like ability to research, power of imagination, perseverance, etc. There is also the concept of natural flow and coherence. All in all, content writing is something that requires practice and learning to develop proficiency.

The domain of Content writing has different branches, like web content, blog posts, business proposal writing, copywriting, technical writing, journalism reports, scientific report, academic writings, ghost writing, etc.

Content writing depending on its category can be quite intricate and complicated with a requirement of basic and in-depth knowledge about the subject matter.

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Why should you learn Creative Writing?

Let me ask you this, why shouldn’t you? If you are a student or a white-collar professional, chances are you have to deal with and write lots and lots of content on different subjects every day. A piece of write-up written in proper tone and flow with appropriate research is highly valued, regardless of whether you’re a student or a professional.

Moreover, there is a high demand for content writing jobs on the internet. Most of these are freelance based meaning you can make a healthy side income or even take it up as a full-time career opportunity. Regardless of how you see it, content writing proficiency is one of those soft skills that you can use in almost every sphere of your professional as well as educational life.

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10 Free Online Content Writing Courses in 2021

The Craft of Plot  

This one is for all the storytellers out there. One of the most challenging aspects of creative writing is to keep your readers engaged. The craft of plot creative writing course is offered by the Wesleyan University in collaboration with Coursera.

This is an all-in-one comprehensive guide to creative writing. A writer will be taught how to set the structure, story building arc and finishing the inevitable climax. For aspiring writers who want to explore the literary world but don’t quite know how to open their thoughts, this course can be a good starting point.

Business Writing Techniques

If you are in the business world, you are probably familiar with the corporate culture and the need to be persuasive in every aspect. Whether it’s a brand promotion or a sales pitch, when it comes to business writings, there are a lot of aspects that a writer must consider before jolting the pen on paper.

The course offered by DoaneX is exactly what you need to get a comprehensive idea of business writing. There are enough modules for about 8 hours a week for 4 weeks. However, this is a self-paced course and you can get it done at your own preferred time.

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How to Write an Essay

The next course on our list is offered by UC Berkeley in association with Edx. The course mainly focuses on the academic writing aspect as well as essay development. The course also critically discusses certain tricky grammatical usage and how to get them right.

When you are writing an academic essay, the structure and coherence need to be spot on and this course makes sure you get the strategies to write long and descriptive essays and thesis without an issue. There is also an online discussion session with this course which will be helpful to build a communicative learning environment.

Write About Yourself

How many times have we fumbled when asked to tell us something about ourselves? The same goes for writing as well. From the perspective of Bangladesh, the skill to write cohesively and confidently about oneself is very important considering many students take on the study abroad opportunity as well as a job application.

The course titled Write about yourself is offered by Wesleyan University in association with Coursera. With 2 hours a week, this course can be completed in 4 months. The modules are all self-paced so you shouldn’t have any problem adjusting.

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Become a Journalist

This course is offered by Michigan State University in association with Coursera. If you want to consider journalism as a career, then you should check this one out. The course is comprehensive, it sets guidelines of ethical standards to be followed, the dos and don’ts to be a journalist, overall structuring of the report, and a host of other things.

With 4 hours a week, you can complete this course in 6 months. It’s reported that, of the journalists who took this course, 20% of them got a pay raise after the completion of the course. In addition to that, you will receive professional certification as well.

Creative Writing Course

The course is offered by crafty writer, a renowned web content site that specializes in writing skill development. Their creative writing course is very detailed and comprehensive in its elements. You will be introduced to several personalized styles like writing flow and voice, how to write short stories, understanding point of view, using vividness, etc.

In addition to ample resource materials, you will also be getting several assignments and modules to finish so that there’s an effective learning outcome. On top of that, this is a self-paced course, so you can complete it at your ease.  

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How to Write a Novel

The title of the course is pretty self-explanatory. If you are a storyteller itching to write your first piece, then this is the course for you. The all-in-one course will provide you with a detailed idea about writing a long piece.

The course is offered by reedsy learning and will take you over the 101 of writing novels and long stories. Not just novels, you can also learn about word-building techniques, character development, and how to be consistent with your writing.

Writing What You Know

Creative writing isn’t always about writing fiction or long articles. Sometimes it can be as simple as articulating a personal experience. However, expressing an experience cohesively often becomes a drag for lack of proper structure and sequencing.

The writing course provided by open learn tackles this issue in creative writing. You will learn how to structure your content, how to develop a vivid image, pacing scenes, and many more. This is a completely free course and you can learn it at your own ease.

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How to Write a Business Book

If you have a successful business story to tell, then this is the course for you. This course specifically focuses on how you can write a business book that will capture your audience and get them hooked to your strategy.

The course is offered by reedsy learning. You will get a detailed idea about the questions to be addressed in the book, goal management, and step generation so that it becomes easy for the readers to follow. The course is available for free and it will take you roughly about 6 months to complete.

English Composition

This is another course offered by Arizona State University. Rather than specializing in certain writing styles, this takes a broad approach to content writing. This is basically a writing 101 course that will get you started in writing, regardless of the subject matter.

The course focuses on incorporating rhetorical knowledge, and critical thinking, and digital technology in your writing. It also incorporates established style conventions and habits of mind to make your writing stand out and better engage your audience. You can access this self-paced course from Edx.

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Bottom Line

Writing content isn’t about sequentially putting words one after another, it’s also about capturing the emotion of the reader and properly communicating the gist material of the writing. We hope the free online content writing courses mentioned above will help you better excel in your creative writing endeavors. 

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