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Instoried to Enhance AI-Powered Content Platform with New Funding


Martech Outlook | Wednesday, November 24, 2021

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The Instoried SaaS platform provides both content evaluation and content development. It analyses content so that businesses can communicate with their target audience efficiently and effectively.

Fremont, CA: Content writing is mostly relied on intuition as a creative process, which prevents a data-driven approach to audience engagement and content performance. Even existing software that can track engagement after a publication can’t tell firms why their content isn’t performing well. As a result, Sharmin teamed up with Sutanshu to assemble a team with deep tech, product, marketing, and language knowledge to create a tool that measures and predicts content performance while it is being created. Instoried is an AI-powered pre-publication sentiment research platform that improves content performance in real-time, has recently raised $8 million in funding from Pritt Investment Partners and 9Unicorns.

Traditional content performance tracking software is turned on its head with Instoried, which provides real-time sentiment analysis at the point of content production to verify performance before publication. The startup’s AI engine calculates the emotional engagement quotient of any sort of written material in real-time and then provides smart recommendations to help content creators ensure that their viewers are emotionally engaged. Businesses, organizations, and freelancers can drastically boost content ROI through lead generation, brand engagement, and product uptake because of this enhanced emotional engagement.

Instoried has tagged millions of lines of text with emotion and tone across all genres, including business, health, politics, and social media, using complicated Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms built in-house. The startup’s in-house linguists then annotate the text for context and semantics, giving their proprietary AI the crucial human understanding of tone from which to learn. In simple terms, the tool may evaluate the content of any form or length to see if it is ‘any good’ in terms of achieving the content writer’s objectives. Where content has to be improved to meet these objectives, Instoried gives real-time instructions on how to alter the copy to get the best outcomes.

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