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Content Writing is Underrated Yet Viable Career Option, According to Vaibhav Kakkar, CEO IIM Skills


Content creation has dominated the market of the digital era long since, of which content writing is an indispensable part. It goes without saying that people are consuming content more than ever now. Vis a vis, businesses and brands are producing premium content to create and validate brand image, brand loyalty, and brand recognition.

Following the trail of the digital era, brands and businesses are dependent on content for customer acquisition, customer engagement, and customer retention. Original, interactive, and compelling content has the prowess to convert visitors into customers. That’s the beauty of content writing!

Professional content writers

Content writing industry

Content writing is many things- blogs, articles, emails, brochures, infographics, scripts, etc for the purpose of marketing or to spread awareness comes under the banner of content creation. Digging deeper, it is the means of researching, planning, writing, editing, and publishing content to cater to the customer needs.

The content industry works to drive leads, engage the target audience, and foster positive relationships with the consumers. Content that strikes a chord with the readers and triggers a call to action (CTA) ultimately helps in business expansion and growth.

Content is underrated

Content writing has acquired amassed popularity as a side hustle, yet leveraging it as a viable career option remains a far cry. Elaborating on why- people are stuck and satisfied with their 9 to 5 jobs. Thus, failing to actualize and realize the potential of this content industry.

While many have shifted their base income to content writing either as a freelancer or own agency; yet many are skeptical of choosing it as a plausible bread-winning career option. Thus, to date, it remains an underrated career option.

Roles and resposibilites

An amazing fact about the content industry is that you don’t need to be a special degree-holder; a person from any background can join in this trailblazing career. Nevertheless, a mass communication or English honors degree does give you a tipping edge, yet there is no compulsion. Excellent written and spoken communication skills with research abilities, SEO knowledge, and a few more skills make you a perfect stitch for a content writer.

For website recognition and escalation, SEO is an indispensable determinant. Thus, SEO cognition is vital to ace this domain. Fortunately, varied top-notch institutes have well-research and well-defined content writing courses to impart thorough SEO knowledge to prospective content writers.

Content as a viable career option

With an upsurge demand for Content writers in almost every industry to grow their brand and businesses, content writing has definitely become a viable career option. Whether one wants to work as a freelancer, offer services as an agency, or work for a secure 9 to 5 job- one can opt for any option.

Apparently, a content writing career offers a deluge of opportunities to proficient writers who have the zeal to intensify the brand to a whole new level with compelling content. Without a shadow of a doubt, a full-time blogger or writer can be an all-embracing career option now and in the years to come.

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