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Properties ABC6 would have been better off investigating


CDP headquarters

Over the weekend, ABC6 aired ads during football games played by Ohio State and the Cleveland Browns, teasing what it described as a bombshell report into the Oberlin Drive property where Andre Hill was shot and killed by Columbus police in the days before Christmas 2020. 

The subsequent report, which appeared as an almost nine-minute on-air segment and an accompanying 1,100-plus-word online feature, centered on 911 calls and police body camera footage related to the Cranbrook neighborhood property and obtained by ABC6, purports to reveal the “volatile history” at the house where officer Adam Coy shot and killed Hill, who was unarmed and holding a cell phone at the time Coy opened fire. (Coy was fired by CPD a week later, pleading not guilty to charges of murder, felonious assault and dereliction of duty.)

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