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Eric Bischoff Finds Himself Lucky To Be Not Associated With WWE


Gunjan Nath

So about Gunjan, he says – “In search of simplicity and inner peace, I’m basically a guy soldiering through his paranoia.” You can say Art, Witty/Dark/Retard Humour, Movies, Anime, Entertainment, Music, Sports, Post-rock/Black Metal/Hip-Hop/Shoegaze, Football, Creative Writing, Photography, Videography, Editing, Sarcasm are his forte. You could say Jack of All Trades, Master of Many.

Professional content writers

Dangerously bipolar. He can go on months without being productive and also work 12 hours straight. He’s basically a lazy, procrastinating person. But if art and ideas hit him like sudden motivational sparks, he can invest sleepless nights on that.

Drive to creating art:
Sometimes guilt and inferiority complex. Sometimes sudden spikes of motivation seeing artists like yuumei, bosslogic, Kim Jung gi amongst others.

Gunjan loves doing scribble art the most. It defines him. He says – ‘It’s like I’m lost and hoping to find a way out at the end. Expressing my chaotic, spontaneous mind, looking for inner peace in those infinite entanglements I create.’ He loves to let the ink flow, losing control, losing myself completely in the act.’

Once he was asked – ‘why this constant urge of being good at everything? You are great at the things you do best. You don’t have to be a master of every art. ‘
To that he replied – ‘because that’s how I work. I just don’t like this idea of stopping at what I have already achieved. Limitations disgust me. I believe in becoming a jack of all trades and a master of many, plus this innate ability of being good at what I try doing and this upper hand of being a fast learner. I want to master all kinds of musical instruments, sports, forms of art.’

He invests in ideas, brainstorming, creativity, flexibility, originality.

He is a flexible person who can adapt to any situation with ease. Biggest strength being an extremely fast learner and working under pressure. Gunjan has got excellent communication skills and an understanding personality. Since he’s a movie geek, he has written many reviews on platforms such as TVShowTime, Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb etc. Professionally he has never worked on any such projects but across various platforms, his words are highly acknowledged, viral and generated much clout. He can share the same. He have also helped many professional content writers and people who write articles with words and wisdom.

Fun fact:
He is obsessed with huskies, number “7”, Germany, Japan, football, Naruto, Breaking Bad, cinema (in a broader perspective)

in search of simplicity and inner peace.

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