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Writing center in the works for Plum Senior High School


For college students, one of the perks is having a writing center and tutors available on campus.

This isn’t limited to just helping a student write a report, but anything that can benefit from having a peer’s opinion.

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This is something pretty unique to colleges though and not typically found in high schools. Hailey Drapcho, a senior student and the student school board representative, is trying to change that for Plum Senior High School.

Drapcho, who is looking to major in literature and minor in creative writing, got the idea while visiting colleges over the summer. Writing is a passion of Drapcho, who hopes to make a career out of being an author. She wants to share this passion for reading and writing with her fellow students, and felt that a writing center was a good way to do it.

“At every college I went to they had a writing center to get help,” said Drapcho. “I said ‘this is such a great resource, why don’t we have this in high school when you can build your skillset and prepare for college?’”

The proposed Plum center will end up looking different from a typical college writing center in a few ways. For one, instead of professional consultants helping students, the Plum Senior High School writing center will be a form of peer-tutoring.

“Hailey wanted her love for editing essays to benefit PHS students. She, along with the peer tutors she has trained, help students with creative writing prompts, college essays, as well as classroom assignments,” said Jenna Romanelli, head of the tutoring program at Plum Senior High School.

Student-tutors who are selected would become editors that would meet regularly. Those meetings would determine how they’d go about helping students.

Three editors have been brought in so far, including Drapcho. The team is made up of two seniors, one junior and a sophomore. The process on how the editors will help will vary on what is needed. An editor will either take a look at the paper and send the student back the edited paper with notes. The other method will be a one-on-one session with the editor, where they go over the paper.

There’s no definite date for the launching of the writing center, but the plan is to get it started before the end of November.

Logan Carney is a Trib Total Media contributing writer.

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