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Top-grossing Copywriter Stefan Georgi Launches Course for Writing High-converting E-commerce Copy


With millions of e-commerce sites on the web, it can be difficult to write sales pages that outshine the competition. Stefan Georgi, regarded as one of the world’s best copywriters, is demystifying the e-commerce copywriting process through his new Profit Fix Formula course.

Stefan, who has helped thousands of people earn more money with copywriting, launched this comprehensive course to help subscribers write and optimize every step of their sales funnel, including landing pages, checkout pages, upsell pages, Facebook ads, and email copy.

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The course includes breakdowns and case studies for a massive range of offer types: supplements, functional foods, skin care gadgets, book and coaching funnels, and more.

“There are dozens of video modules where I’m breaking down popular e-commerce sites and explaining what works well and what could use improvement,” said Stefan.

The course also comes with scores of templates and checklists for creating high-converting landing pages.

“These templates bring the ‘best of the best’ copywriting together and make it easy to create winning copy,” said Stefan. “It’s efficient, and it’s replicable. The overwhelming response has been that this course is helping subscribers turn out high-grossing copy every time — in a fraction of the time.”

While being known as one of the most profitable copywriters (his words have grossed over $1 billion in sales in a decade), Stefan is also known as one of the fastest. As a mentor, he shares his secrets through copywriting courses, including his signature RMBC method course, which distills copywriting down to a repeatable formula and helps writers become more efficient and more effective at reaching their target audience.

Stefan is also the co-founder of Copy Accelerator, an elite mastermind that helps both copywriters and entrepreneurs scale their funnels on cold traffic.

To learn more about Stefan Georgi’s Profit Fix Formula course that helps writers create more and better e-commerce copy in less time, sign up for Stefan’s email list by visiting www.StefanPaulGeorgi.com.

About Stefan Georgi

Stefan Georgi is a direct response copywriter whose words have grossed over $700MM. He is the inventor of the RMBC (Research, Mechanism, Brief, and Copy) method, which is a systematic approach to writing better sales copy, more consistently, in less time.

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