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Sundeep Sharma: Can tell where a joke will land while writing it | Latest News Delhi


Comedians, many a time, face flak over things they end up saying during a performance. However, stand-up comedian Sundeep Sharma says that once he says something, he knows exactly the amount of laughs or controversy it would generate.

“Just as Neeraj Chopra knows how far his javelin will go, a comedian also knows where he will land up after saying what he says. It’s a personal call. As a performer, you know how to push boundaries. Everyone at different stages of their career knows what they are saying. As a comedian, I can assume the kind of laughs a joke will get while writing it, and also have a fair idea of where it will land. In India, the more controversy you create, the more tickets you sell,” he states.

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Sharma hails from Mumbai, but he stayed in Delhi for 12 years at the start of his career. And, performing in Delhi-NCR is like a trip down memory lane. “I stayed in Saket… That Delhi was different. There were so many trees that the road looked like a painting, with sunlight coming through them,” he recalls.

Ask him if he has a plan in mind ahead of his performances in Delhi-NCR, and he shares, “Delhi has a lot of college crowd that comes after classes. But, it also has old residents of the city who come to watch my shows. Gurugram, on the other hand, has a younger crowd. But, my content remains the same. There is, of course, a slight bit of change in the interaction with the audience, depending on the situation.”

Catch it Live:

What: Stand up comedy by Sundeep Sharma

Where: Imperfecto, Ansal Plaza , Barish Moon Bar and Brewery in Noida and Daddy of Tastes (D.O.T) at Gurugram

When: November 20 (Imperfecto, Ansal Plaza), November 21 (Barish Moon Bar and Brewery) and November 27 (Daddy of Tastes)

Timings: 4 pm (Imperfecto Ansal Plaza), 7 pm (Barish Moon Bar and Brewery), 5pm (Daddy of Tastes)

Nearest Metro station: South Extension station (Imperfecto Ansal Plaza), Noida Sector 18 Metro Station (Barish Moon Bar and Brewery) and HUDA City Centre (Daddy of Tastes)

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