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Create SEO-Ready Content With This $70 AI Software


There’s a lot more science to search engine optimization than there is art, which is not to say that good writing and solid SEO are mutually exclusive. The key is to focus on the former, while you let an AI tool like WriterZen handle the keywords. You might know what people want to see, but when it comes to algorithms? This SaaS analytics software was specifically designed to take the wheel.

First and foremost, WriterZen keeps an up-to-date database of Google’s top keywords. So when you start drafting a post, ad, or proposal, it instantly provides the highest-ranking terms and ensures you include them. Not only will it tell you where to place those phrases in your text for maximum impact, but it can help group multiple keywords so your writing hits the bullseye no matter what niche you’re trying to target.

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Having trouble coming up with content in the first place? WriterZen also offers a robust Topic Discovery module that suggests trending subtopics and areas neglected by competitors. With these tools in your arsenal, you can create more than just a high-ranking post or two; you can plot out a whole marketing strategy across multiple social media accounts and pull it off to perfection. You’ll even get a plagiarism checker to make sure you’re putting out wholly original content.

Want to see how WriterZen can help your brand? PCMag readers can get a lifetime subscription to the WriterZen Easy Content Creator for SEO for $68.99—91% off the $840 MSRP.

Prices subject to change.

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