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3D content management systems – the next step for martech?


During the summer the tech and business world was set abuzz with Facebook’s Metaverse announcement. Indeed, such is Facebook’s belief in the metaverse that it has now committed its entire brand strategy around it. However, despite the media attention, much of the conversation is still around exactly what metaverse means and, given the questionable role social media has already played, whether a Facebook-built virtual world would be something desirable at all. Nevertheless, with Microsoft and a host of other big tech companies all saying they will make investments in their own ‘metaverses’  over the coming decade, it is becoming increasingly clear that life is going to become much more virtual. 

In the meantime, we are seeing that many businesses are well on their way to incorporating virtual and augmented reality into their customer experience. For example, retailers are experimenting with AR shopping experiences to bring consumers back to the High Street and others are incorporating more interactive 3D design into their website offerings. The overarching trend is towards a more engaging, immersive world. However, as any major brand that has dabbled in AI or AR would tell you, it is currently a very complex and time-consuming process to get things up and running. As such, most marketing initiatives are still very much at the ‘one off’ or pilot project stage. The problem is that technology to underpin the creation and management of these virtual experiences on an ongoing basis simply doesn’t exist – until now. The next few years will see the advent of 3D CMS. With it will come a whole host of new and exciting possibilities that will profoundly change what is possible in marketing, how the martech industry develops and what skills modern marketers and developers will need. 

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