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Tips for Finals Week – The George-Anne Media Group


Buckle up, everyone! Finals week is approaching and it’s approaching fast.

Finals season is always a nerve-wracking time for students. The immense pressure to succeed combined with the lack of time left for error is enough to make anyone feel a little overwhelmed.

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All hope shouldn’t be lost though. You’ve made it this far with the finish line in near sight. Here are a few ways to make your finals week more bearable.

Make a playlist to listen to while you study. Change your scenery and study outside your room. Create friendly competition among your study group with a game to test your knowledge. Reward yourself during study breaks with your favorite snack. Studying can already be a drag. Don’t make it drearier than it has to be.

Meal prepping for finals week is a lifesaver. Because who has time to cook when you have two papers to write and three exams to study for? Doing this will save time and ensure that you’re giving your body the nutrients it needs. Precook or plan your meals for each day of finals. Don’t deprive yourself of the much-needed fuel because you’re crunched for time. 

You might think you’re doing yourself a favor by pulling an all-nighter before your exam, but it’s quite the opposite. We all need sleep to function at our best. Not coffee, not energy drinks – real sleep. Allowing yourself to rest for the appropriate amount of time is essential for effective brain function. And what’s more important than our brains during finals week?

Even if your finals are over a week from now, it’s best to start preparing now. If you’re thinking about forming a study group, reach out to your peers now. If there’s some material you’re still not getting, ask questions now. Before you know it, it may be too late to receive help. If possible, look over the study guide or begin your final project as soon as possible. Don’t wait until the last minute! 

Suffer from test anxiety? Check to see if you can attend one of the Academic Success Center’s workshops or contact the Counseling Center. Need help with an essay? Go to the Writing Center at the library.

Check if your professors offer any review sessions. Georgia Southern offers many academic resources for students, and they are even more available during finals week. Put those tuition dollars to use! 

Nothing is worse than trying to feel motivated in a messy environment. Clutter has actually been proven to increase stress levels in humans. And more stress is exactly what we don’t need during finals week.

Wash and fold your clothes. Clear off your desk and organize your study materials. Decluttering and organizing will not only positively affect your mental health, but also check a few tedious tasks off your already full list.


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