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Outriders’ Free New Horizon Update Is Filled to the Brim with Content, Changes, and Features


Prior to the launch of Outriders, seeing a broadcast held by People Can Fly and Square Enix, as well as hosted by Square Enix video creator Lucy Hale, Outriders community manager Robbie Palmer, and members of the dev team was an awesome tradition. Not only were they super informative as to classes and endgame content, but they were incredibly hype-inducing. Now, the dream team is back to talk about a major (and free) new content update, appropriately titled Outriders: New Horizon.

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New Horizon is a major free update, releasing for Outriders on November 16—tomorrow as of this writing, the day after this broadcast released. Fans can expect new content in the form of four new Expeditions, as well as changes to endgame content, balancing, buffs, and more; Outriders’ most demanded feature, Transmog; new in-game celebrations, thank to the release of New Horizon; and teases for 2022.


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Outriders New Horizon Broadcast

Above, players can view the entire Outriders broadcast #6, which comes in at nearly 20 minutes long. There’s a lot of ground to cover, but the key thing to note—the overall tone of all these changes—is showing what People Can Fly has been up to over the past few months. Where players have been disappointed in Outriders, People Can Fly is showing it’s clearly aware and has been working to adjust these features.

Things like Timed Expeditions, which led to some ostracizing Outriders’ devastator class, and issues with Tiago and endgame content in general, stability, and more have all been addressed. What it shows is that People Can Fly has been listening and, with this broadcast, is focused on delivering.

Outriders New Horizon Changes at a Glance


In a quick breakdown, some of the key elements of this new Outriders broadcast include the following:

  • New Horizon is a free update releasing on November 16
  • Four Brand New Expeditions featuring mini-stories

    • The Molten Depths – Return to Eagle Peaks and clear out a hidden power station at the command of ECA Captain Jocelyn Dunham. Tier 1.
    • The City of Nomads – Aid Outriders‘ Wanderer in protecting an old, unexplored Pax village. Tier 4.
    • The Marshal’s Complex – Grand Marshal Korrigan tasks players with taking a facility from insurgents but it’s “anything but another insurgent camp.” Tier 8.
    • The Wellspring – Tiago sends players here, an ancient pilgrimage site for the Pax, said to be filled with forgotten riches. Oh, and it’s protected by a powerful Storm that keeps getting stronger. Tier 12.
    • All locations are said to be “special and different in many ways.”
  • Major Expedition Changes

    • Expeditions are now played without a timer (though it can be turned back on if a player so chooses but has no difference in rewards.)
    • Eye of the Storm now rewards a choice between three legendary items upon completion.
  • Tiago changes

    • Random Legendary Items can now be bought.
    • Tiago’s elite offer pool can now be re-rolled.
  • Brand New Transmog Feature
  • Buffed player skills and gear for all four Outriders classes.
  • Extensive Bug Fixes and Balance Changes

    • Including, but not limited to, drop rates, armor sets, mods, class trees, skills, general QoL updates, and more.
    • Matchmaking has been fine-tuned.
  • To celebrate New Horizon’s release, every player who logs in this week (new and returning) will get a free legendary armor piece
  • Worldslayer Expansion Tease, Coming in 2022

With everything added in this new update, there are more than enough reasons to pick up Outriders (either for the first time or again) for the holidays, try it out on Game Pass, and be excited about its future. New Horizon seems to be just the first step on the way to Worldslayer, and all things are looking up for Outriders based on this content update.

Outriders is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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