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Life hacks to improve essay writing skills professionally


If you’ve ever thought it’s impossible for you to become proficient at academic essay writing, we have great news for you – you are wrong. With a fair share of diligence and desire to succeed, any student can master essay writing skills, and here’s why:

  • It’s within your competence. You are most likely already familiar with the topic of your essay. It is within the field you’ve been studying for some time, so no need to panic;
  • Clear structure. There is a standard list of guidelines the researchers have to follow. Is it a good thing? Or course! Try to look at it from a different angle – once you know the topic of your research, and you’re aware of the academic guidelines, the backbone of your essay is ready!
  • Just google it. You do not need to reinvent the wheel – the core task is to study what other people wrote on the topic, structure the supporting evidence you’ve found, and connect it to the thesis.

Ideally, you should give yourself a significant amount of time to do research and write an essay (especially if that’s your first time) but with the tips below, you’ll upgrade your skills right away even if your deadline is tight.

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Start from an outline

Always start with outlining the structure of your future essay. Yes, it may seem hard, and it requires a lot of effort at the beginning. You can get discouraged before you even finish your first paragraph, but you will write the essay so much faster if you understand clearly what the next steps should be. The basic structure of an academic essay includes:

  • Introduction that must have the thesis statement;
  • Main body with the discussion of the evidence supporting the thesis;
  • Conclusion that connects the arguments together with the thesis.

The main body should include at least three solid arguments supporting the thesis statement.

Bear your thesis in mind

Whenever you come across some more evidence, make sure you analyze each piece of it and ask yourself whether it supports your thesis or is just another fluff to reach the word count. Sure, sometimes you can’t do without watering down the essay but if you really strive for quality, a solid main body should be not about the number of words but about the content. Be critical and impartial when you evaluate the relevance of the evidence you’ve found. In order to back up your thesis, you should use only the strongest studies that are clearly connected to your topic.

Improve your grammar and style

No matter how wonderful your research is, it will not be accepted seriously, if your grammar, punctuation, and style are poor. It is like coming to the job interview in a T-Shirt – even if you come well-prepared, with a good resume, and know everything you need about the company, you will not be perceived the way you want. It is also crucial to mind your style and register (the level of formality). For example, you can’t include the words of personal statements e.g. good, ugly, amazing. Try using relevant, poor, negative instead. The main criteria for double-checking yourself are how impartial the sentence is. Check out the list of taboos in academic writing to proofread your work.

Use spelling and grammar checkers

Grammar is something you cannot master in a week, so if your deadline is really tight, look at the spelling and grammar checkers used by millions of people these days to avoid making the most obvious mistakes. Some checkers also underline very long and cumbersome sentences that are hard to follow, e.g. Grammarly. Of course, the paid apps or extensions will give you even better functionality and insights into your writing, but free versions are often more than enough.

Grammarly and LanguageTool can be installed as add-ons to your browsers, which makes the editing process even easier. No need to copy and paste back and forth anymore – the tools will highlight the errors right in your GoogleDoc.

However, remember a perfect checker doesn’t exist yet, so make sure to use your common sense and understanding of the context while you decide between accepting and declining the suggestions. Mind that academic style is harder to follow by default, but you still have to strive for clear sentences and make sure you cut the fluff.

Final touch: essay checklist

As a bonus, together with professional academic writers, we prepared an essay checklist for you. Save the list below to double-check if your essay meets the requirements:

  • You covered the topic of the essay fully; the text doesn’t include any unrelated information;
  • You reached the number of characters indicated in the assignment;
  • The introduction is interesting enough to make the reader want to read the essay;
  • Your introduction has a clear thesis stating the essay’s focus;
  • You used paragraphs to structure the essay;
  • Each paragraph starts with a topic sentence;
  • All paragraphs are connected to the thesis statement and coherent;
  • The conclusion doesn’t contain any new ideas or evidence. Instead, it represents a connection between the arguments;
  • You quoted all the authors properly;
  • There’s a reference page with the list of the sources you cite or mention in the essay;
  • The title is informative and compelling;
  • The formatting of the essay is followed according to the guidelines (page numbers, spacing, font, etc.)

Now, you might think that essay writing seems even harder than you thought at the beginning. However, academic essays are a big deal before you actually start. Remember how scary it was to ride a bike, but when you tried, again and again, you gradually mastered it. Academic writing is just another skill that takes time and perseverance. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, contact your professor – they will most likely be willing to guide you if you show them how excited you are to improve. Also, visit custom essay writing services provided by Ca.CustomWritings.com if you need extra help with academic writing – our experts know it all inside out!

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